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Published March 27, 2023

Chase Buchanan Wealth Management forms partnership with Your Overseas Home
Chase Buchanan Wealth Management forms partnership with Your Overseas Home

Chase Buchanan Wealth Management, the global provider of expat financial advice, tax planning, investment and wealth management, has formed a key partnership with Your Overseas Home to create a growing knowledge base of informative webinars.

Your Overseas Home helps international property buyers obtain all the information needed to buy overseas property safely, with the provision of guides, webinars and virtual events, as well as the support of a team of property consultants.

Working in partnership, the two organisations, both focused on support services for international foreign nationals and expats, hope to assist prospective buyers or those looking to relocate in making informed choices about their future abroad.

Free Financial Webinars for Expats

Expat financial planning and purchasing a home are two fundamental aspects for any expat starting a new life overseas, with myriad considerations around taxation, income sources, residency, estate planning, QROPS, pension savings and investment structures.

Chase Buchanan and Your Overseas Home have been compiling the webinar hub over the last year, covering a diverse range of topics and themes, all available through the Chase Buchanan expat wealth management YouTube channel.

Current webinars available to view include detailed guides to the financial and tax considerations of buying a property, covering Spain, France and Portugal, among other popular destinations.

The expat wealth management provider has offices across Europe and North America, while Your Overseas Home provides property directories for six selected EU locations.

Each webinar is available on demand, featuring representatives from both organisations to explain, discuss and examine the intricacies of money management in a different country, using jargon-free language to provide accessible, understandable content.

Listeners are also invited to add questions to the chat function. They can view presentations and slideshows covering the basics of tax residency, variations in tax law in each destination, and alternative taxes that expats may not be aware of, including wealth and property tax regimes.

The Importance of Expat Financial Literacy

The most recent Office for National Statistics figures show that almost 785,000 British nationals live within the EU, excluding Ireland, with 69% based in Spain, France or Germany.

These records are likely to have changed since, with estimates that 560,000 UK citizens emigrated away from Britain on a long-term basis in 2022.

Living in another country can be highly attractive. Still, financial literacy and understanding of the tax systems, and differences between residency, tax residency and citizenship are vital for expats since, after moving abroad, factors such as currency risks, mandatory inheritance tax disbursements and international pension transfer rules come into play.

It is also necessary to know how property markets and the purchasing process works before making plans to buy a home in another country where rules around expat property investments may vary or the home purchasing system may differ from the UK.

The Chase Buchanan and Your Overseas Home webinar series is a valuable, complimentary resource that provides expats with information and the opportunity to ask direct questions and receive guidance from skilled experts in European property acquisition and the tax framework in each specific country.

Improving Financial Outcomes for Expatriates Overseas

Jana Korpova-Harris, Your Overseas Home Director says, ‘We are pleased to be helping future expats and property owners avoid pitfalls, navigate foreign tax and financial systems, plan financially, and ensure the outcome is many happy expats.

Working in international real estate and financial services for over 15 years, I found the information that is disclosed and presented in the webinars would take a future expat days, if not weeks to collect doing online searches. Furthermore, not many financial firms are known to share as much detail as Chase Buchanan do for free. So I believe that webinars and virtual events are a new way to learn about a specific topic without the need to become an expert yourself. 

This new way of connecting with experts like Chase Buchanan through webinars and virtual events has enabled many international buyers to buy a property and move overseas. We are delighted to be able to help them do it safely."

While the webinar series is aimed at those planning a move abroad, it may also be relevant to existing expats unsure whether to proceed with a long-term property acquisition or concerned that their financial affairs require re-evaluation.

Particularly in the post-Brexit environment, thousands of expats have found that their financial position has changed, or become unstable, demonstrating the essential nature of having the right information to make astute, forward-thinking decisions.

The logistical challenges of any cross-border relocation are complex, and it is imperative that foreign nationals living in another country as expats make informed choices when it comes to income, expenditure, investment and saving.

Lee Eldridge, Chase Buchanan Wealth Management CEO says: "Working with Your Overseas Home is a way to combine our collective expertise, highlight those potential issues so many expats experience, and ensure those considering a relocation have all the information available to help them coordinate their move successfully.

With a focus on truly individual wealth management support, we are delighted to be engaged in creating these informative webinars. We hope they prove a beneficial resource for any expat looking to relocate with confidence."

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