Celebrity Booking Agency in Los Angeles, The Celebrity Source Is Bringing Brands the Exposure They Need to Succeed

Published February 3, 2023

The Celebrity Source is a celebrity booking agency in Los Angeles that makes events and endorsement campaigns memorable. The agency invites business owners and event organizers to reach out and book the perfect celebrity for their special event or campaign and turn it into the talk of the town.

The Celebrity Source has over 35 years of experience matching the perfect celebrities, influencers, and speakers for brands, businesses, and nonprofits. The agency’s roster of celebrities and influencers includes the who’s who of film, television, music, sports, fashion, social media and beyond. It also has ties with professionals who are renowned in their respective industries such as business, finance, science, technology, pharmaceutical, and more. Some of the notable celebrities that the agency has worked with in the past include Matthew McConaughey, Oprah Winfrey, Jamie Foxx, Martha Stewart, Joe Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, Queen Latifah, Megan Fox, Morgan Freeman, Kate Hudson, Mark Cuban, Eva Longoria, and more. The full list of celebrities is available on the website.

The large network of celebrity partnerships that the agency has access to, allows it to make connections that align perfectly with its clients’ needs. The Celebrity Source will recommend public figures whose profile matches the vision and message that the client aims to portray. The agency’s services add strong tangible marketing value that can be hard to replicate through other means. Moreover, since celebrity endorsements and appearances come with varying levels of involvement and at a range of different price tags, The Celebrity Source can help clients stay within budget while getting the right kind of interest in their event, product, or service.

The CEO of The Celebrity Source, Laurie Kessler talks about the reasons for hiring a celebrity by saying, “Today, in a world where everyone is tuned into the lives of the rich and famous all the time, attention is an invaluable currency. Your brand will live or die based on how many people you get interested in it. Nothing has the same power to boost this vital visibility as having a well-loved celebrity on your side endorsing it. Firstly, hiring a celebrity gives media outlets a reason to cover you and your company. Next, they bring with them hundreds of thousands of followers or more who immediately become invested in what you offer based on the strength of their fan base. You will also see increased interest from sponsors and partners who want to work with you after a big name that is recognizable to your target audience, has given your campaign or event credibility. So, whether you are organizing an event for a good cause or launching a new venture, finding a celebrity to create buzz and excitement is a no-brainer.”

The Celebrity Source has a 7-phase process to get their clients the right kind of celebrity endorsement or appearance. The process begins with an in-depth conversation about the client’s needs. When the agency understands the client’s goals, they conduct extensive research to create the “ideal celebrity candidate” list. Clients then get to approve the celebrities whom they would like to work with from this list. In the next step, the agency uses its over three decades of experience to reach out to the celebrities themselves, their assistants, or their management teams. Once initial celebrity interest is established, the agency will then begin negotiations on fees and other ancillary details.

Upon the celebrity acceptance of the project, The Celebrity Source will coordinate with the celebrity and client to ensure that the project requirements for the appearance or endorsement have been met. Finally, after the completion of the project, the agency will handle the wrap-up, reviewing the effectiveness of the campaign or appearance, or discussing additional projects or future initiatives with the client.


Organizations looking for a celebrity booking agent in New York and Los Angeles can call The Celebrity Source at (800) 226 9766 or write to it at info@thecelebritysource.com for bookings and inquiries.


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