What to Look for While Building Your PC This Black Friday

Published October 6, 2023

And here we go again. The Black Friday sale is again in the suburbs, and we can’t get over the exciting deals it’ll offer during black friday. As we know, black fridays are usually a wonderful way of saving money; they’re particularly helpful for PC builders, who have been deprived of deals in prior years due to a worldwide chip shortage and supply chain concerns pushing up costs. If you’ve been putting off building a new PC due to the expense, now could be the right moment to start.

What road should you choose to build your PC, then? Due to the chaotic nature of the situation in the first few weeks of the Black Friday sale, we have provided some things you can look for while building your PC. With these, you can find an acceptable balance between paying full price and waiting forever for a sale!

PC Components to look for this Black Friday

Here are some of the PC parts you can look for this Black Friday sale to build your PC from scratch:


Processor is one of the main components for any PC build, as they’re the one that controls the whole operation of your build. We suggest you not to scrimp on this while assembling a gaming PC this black friday.

During the sale, you’ll get a decent deal on powerful processors like AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, Intel Core i9-13900KF, and others. Either one of these can easily handle all your gaming tasks, and both can handle demanding tasks like video editing and computer-aided design.


A motherboard is the backbone of any PC build as it integrates all parts together. That means getting a powerful motherboard that fits well with your system components is critical.

Depending upon your needs, you can choose a motherboard based on your required form factor with plenty of ports (including PCI Express 5.0 ports) to boost up your gaming performance. Also, ample storage space and expansion slots are required to accommodate ever-evolving hardware.


RAM is quite an underestimated product in a PC build, to which we all need to pay more attention. Not only does it significantly impact the overall performance of your computer, but it can also influence your tasks in various ways.

In the current market, we’re getting plenty of options to choose from based on our needs and requirements. But before getting your hands on RAM, you need to first determine the memory technology (DDR4 or DDR5) and then other factors like capacity, frequency, and others.

Also, you need to ensure there are no bottleneck issues with your purchase. For example, it would be unwise to pair high-capacity, high-frequency RAM with an entry-level CPU. This could lead to the under-utilization of the RAM’s potential due to CPU limitations and could create bottleneck issues.

Graphics Card

If you’re looking for gaming or high-end video editing, a Graphics card is the one that plays a pivotal role in your system’s performance. This piece of hardware is responsible for rendering the images, videos, and animations you see on your screen – the better the graphics card, the smoother and more detailed your visual experience will be.

When choosing a graphics card, ensure it supports the latest PCIe Gen for faster processing with the motherboard’s PCIe 5.0 port. However, graphics cards are backward compatible, so if you’re on a budget, you can consider more affordable options.

Storage Options

While building a perfect PC build, anyone would need at least 1 TB of storage. And for those involved in gaming and video editing, the necessary storage capacity can range from 5TB to 20TB.

And when it comes to storage, you’ll get plenty of different options, including:

  • Hard disks, which are generally slower and cheaper.
  • SATA SSDs, which are slightly faster than hard disks, are not viable options for gaming builds.
  • NVMe SSDs are 10x faster than hard disks, offering superior stability, reliability, and performance.

You’ll need to make a choice based on your needs and requirements. However, we recommend getting at least 512GB of NVMe SSD for your system.

Power Supplies

The PSU is essential as it takes the 100V-240V AC from the wall and transforms it into the various direct current (DC) voltages your computer components require to operate correctly. They’re available in various different sizes (ATX, SFX, and TFX) and efficiencies (Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium).

When purchasing a PSU unit, it’s essential to check the size to ensure it fits inside your cabinet, determine the TDP your system requires, and the power efficiency. You can also purchase a higher TDP PSU unit for a PC with higher graphics requirements.

Our Takeaway

Before getting ready for Black Friday, remember that great deals are not just about affordability but also about compatibility. Building your PC can’t be done in just an hour or two, as it requires thorough research.

Choosing PC parts is a time-consuming task, and if you don’t want to miss out on any deals, I recommend that you start preparing for your build today so that you can buy them with just a click! For this, you can use the PC Builder website, where you can check compatibility, create your wishlist, and add each product to your Amazon cart with just a click of a button. This will come in handy when the sale is live.

So, stop thinking and start building your PC.

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