What is OnlyMp3 – Best OnlyMp3 alternatives 2023

Published July 30, 2023

OnlyMP3 is an online Youtube to MP3 converter that lets you download YouTube videos to mp3 format easily. In terms of safety, OnlyMp3 may have some risks. Users could unknowingly download malicious files or encounter unwanted ads and pop-ups while using the service. We have collected a list of alternatives to OnlyMP3 that you can use like YT Mp3, MusicMp3, Mp3Juices and more..

Advantages of Using OnlyMp3

Using OnlyMp3 can be beneficial in several ways:

  • Quick access to audio content from YouTube videos
  • No need to download the entire video to listen to the desired audio
  • Portable and convenient for offline listening
  • Saves storage space on devices

Drawbacks of OnlyMp3

While OnlyMp3 offers a convenient service, it has its drawbacks:

  • Legality concerns due to copyright issues
  • Potential safety risks from downloading files from an unknown source
  • Reliance on user-provided content, which may affect the quality of audio files

Best Alternatives to OnlyMp3

Because of the risks of malware from this platform, users are looking for alternative platforms for downloading and converting videos. Below are some of the best alternatives:


MusicMP3.ru is a popular platform that allows users to download MP3 files from Youtube and other major video streaming platforms. It offers a huge collection of music and provides users with an easy to use  experience.


MP3Juices is another well-known platform for converting and downloading MP3 files. It supports multiple sources and lets users find their favourite music quickly in seconds. The platform is easy to use and completely free of cost.


Y2mate-mp3.com is a user-friendly platform that enables users to download MP3 files. It offers an extensive library of music across different genres. There is no registration process, simply visit the Free Mp3 Finder website and start converting your favourite youtube videos.


BeeMP3 is a reliable platform that offers fast and easy MP3 downloads. It provides a straightforward interface and a wide selection of songs.


SoundCloud is a popular audio distribution platform that allows artists to share their music. Users can discover and download a vast collection of music, including MP3 files.


In conclusion, OnlyMp3 is a quick solution for converting YouTube videos into MP3 format. Users should be cautious when using such platforms and ensure they have the right to download copyrighted content. Additionally, alternatives like MusicMP3.ru, MP3Juices, Free MP3 Finder, BeeMP3, and SoundCloud offer great options for downloading MP3s legally and safely.

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