What are the Perks of Outsourcing eCommerce Product Data Entry Services to VAs?

Published October 4, 2023

For every eCommerce business to continue executing its operations seamlessly, there is a need for optimal management of information. And being an online store, you will be required to deal with a lot of data that needs to be sorted for proper analysis, which will further be used for scaling the business.

But, hiring an in-house employee to help you with the eCommerce product data entry services might turn out to be expensive. You might have to train and manage them to help get the job done perfectly, which will drive your focus away from the core operations of the business.

So, to ensure you don’t overspend on hiring in-house members for product data entry services, consider hiring virtual assistants. The virtual assistants are professionals who are trained specifically to handle different operational aspects of your eCommerce business. You can hire data entry specialists to handle your pool of information and sort through it remotely.

However, some people might be in a dilemma of whether or not it is productive to outsource data entry services to VAs. Well, this article is all about explaining to you the perks of this approach. So, read along till the end!

What is eCommerce Product Data Entry?

Product data entry for your eCommerce business is the approach that educates the visitors with complete details on the services and products you offer. It is a very time-consuming and tedious task for the core team to take on.

The usual data that are fed into the system for eCommerce products include name, description, SKU, price, and others. People have to manually feed all this data to the business system and keep updating it.

Now, this is a big hassle that might just keep the business employees engaged for most of their time. Therefore, virtual assistants came to the scene and extended their help in handling these daunting yet crucial data entry tasks.

What is the Importance of eCommerce Product Data Entry Services?

Before taking this article forward to educate you on the benefits of eCommerce product data entry, let’s try and understand its importance for the business:

  • Proper online listing of eCommerce products or services is important for your store to get a streamlined appeal.
  • Bulk uploads of product data will also allow your site to present customers with wider purchase choices. They can go through the available information and find what’s best for them.
  • Product data entry helps compare the specifications of two different products and choose the best one among them.
  • The product data will be presented in a very appealing manner, with the use of optimal descriptions, images, specifications, testimonials, and others.

Why Hire Virtual Assistants for eCommerce Product Data Entry Services?

By availing of the virtual assistant services USA, managing the eCommerce records will be more convenient and easier, as you will be delegating a complex yet important task to a dedicated professional. Here are some of the benefits of this approach:

1. VA will Help Boost the Productivity

By outsourcing your product data entry service requirements to a VA, you can bring in a lot of benefits for your business. A virtual assistant is trained to approach data entry and other operational tasks of an eCommerce business efficiently.

This allows you to free up time and drive your focus on other important areas of running the business. Thus, your productivity and revenue will increase.

2. Enhances the Security of Your Records

Hiring a VA can ensure optimal security for all your business-critical eCommerce data. These professionals are equipped with the right tools and expertise to handle sensitive data by adopting virtual security implementations.

Moreover, as the VAs work remotely, they won’t have any physical access to the data and will only be able to use the ones you permit them to. Therefore, there won’t be any risk of interference or theft with this approach.

3. Opting for VAs for Data Entry will be Cost-Effective

Upon hiring VAs, you don’t have to bear the employee benefits, payroll taxes, and other associated costs of hiring a full-time data entry staff member. And that can turn out to be expensive for you.

On the other hand, when you hire a virtual assistant for your product data entry services, you will be paying them only for the hours they work, without the need for any additional benefits. Moreover, these VAs will be working remotely, which will save your cost on buying or renting supplies, equipment, and office space.

4. Follows A Streamlined Process

Suppose you hire Amazon virtual assistant to manage product entry services for your seller account. Now, you might have a lot of products listed on the platform, and you need accurate data to be displayed for them all. In that case, the VA you have hired will follow a very streamlined and accurate process to ease the task for you. They would approach it by:

  • Sourcing the data associated with the product.
  • Collecting the physical or digital catalog.
  • Adding or removing the product information.
  • Categorizing the products.
  • Updating the product details.

5. Expertise in All Platforms

Whether you are looking for an expert Amazon virtual assistant, a Shopify VA, or a Magento VA, these professionals are trained to handle data entry for all eCommerce platforms precisely. There are specifically trained experts as well who cater to managing data entry on one platform as their specialization.

Depending on what you need, outsource your requirements to a reputed agency, and they shall help you with the best VA in business.

Bottom Line

When you hire a VA for eCommerce product data entry services, it is an optimal way to scale your customer service proficiency and enhance business growth. Beyond updating the latest product data to the system, they will also keep track of customers’ responses towards your offerings and other such updates.

As data is an important element of driving success for the eCommerce business, let these outsourced professionals help you in the quest to win over your competitors. Keep your in-house team members free for the core operations, while the back-end tasks such as data entry or others can be delegated to VAs.

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