What Are The Different Types Of A Solar DC System?

Published October 9, 2023

Meaning of a solar DC system

A Solar DC System or solar lighting system is a system of lights that operate with the help of solar energy. Thus, these systems utilize the sunlight to illuminate their surroundings.

Solar DC System can utilize sunlight in different ways. Some lighting systems directly utilize the sunlight they receive and illuminate their surroundings simultaneously.

However, some solar lighting systems store the energy they get from the sunlight. These systems use this stored energy at another time to illuminate their surroundings.

One can choose from different types of solar lighting systems from a good solar company. The use of these types depends on the location, the amount of illumination needed, and the budget of the buyer.

For instance, if someone wants to illuminate their attic with soft and natural light, they can use the type which directly utilizes sunlight and illuminates the area. This way the attic would be illuminated till late evening.

However, if someone wants to illuminate their backyard or front yard at night, they can use the type which stores the energy and uses it later. This way, the light can store the energy in the daytime and then utilize it in the night.

Thus, the ideal type for a user depends on their use. Based on such factors one can choose the suitable type of solar lighting system from a good solar company. Some popular types of solar lighting are skylights, photovoltaic lights, and hybrid lights.

Different types of a solar DC system

Solar skylights are a popular type of solar lighting system. These skylights do not store solar energy. Instead, these lights utilize the sunlight and light the area simultaneously.

Some types of skylights use the sun and the clouds to change the brightness of their light. Such skylights can change their illumination depending on the weather.

However, other types of skylights cannot do this. Such skylights can only illuminate the area with maximum power. Such lights can illuminate their surroundings until they are in direct contact with the sun.

Photovoltaic lights are different from skylights. These lights can store solar energy and use it later to illuminate their surroundings. Such lighting systems are also called off-grid lighting systems.

People who want to save money and energy prefer photovoltaic lights over other types of solar lights. These lights are also environmental-friendly. Hence, people who are conscious of environmental issues also prefer these lights.

These lights save money because there is no requirement for underground wiring in these lights. Since these lights directly utilize sunlight, no meter or power source is required.

Hybrid solar lights are a mixture of skylights and photovoltaic lights. These lights can utilize the sunlight and light the area simultaneously like skylights. However, these can also store the energy generated through sunlight and use it later.

This type of solar system is mostly used in areas where there is plenty of sunlight. By using hybrid systems, they can illuminate a dark areas like tunnels throughout the day. In addition, they can also illuminate the area at night by using the stored solar energy.

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