Understanding Insurance Factors: What to Look for When Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Published January 18, 2024

In this fast-paced digital era with advanced technologies and increasingly flexible options for purchasing online, choosing to buy a two-wheeler insurance online provides unmatched effectiveness and simplicity. So, it is crucial to understand the critical factors that have an impact on how you can decide which insurance to invest in. 


Factors to Look into Before Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online 

The following section will take you through pointers on the essential factors to consider while purchasing a two-wheeler insurance: 


  1. Comprehensive Coverage:

What one must seek when considering comprehensive coverage is the extent of the coverage provided. One must look into three crucial policies for complete protection, such as – a policy that covers harm to own car as well as third-party obligations. Obtaining a solid policy will protect you against a range of unexpected scenarios, such as accidents due to natural disasters, theft, and more.


  1. Policy Inclusions and Exclusions:

To apprehend the contents and limitations of the policy for two-wheelers, we must delve into the fine print fully. All one needs to do is pay close attention to essentials such as provisions for pillion riders, personal accident insurance, and accessory coverage. This will ensure that the chosen policy easily fits your unique requirements and preferences.


  1. Insured Declared Value (IDV):

The coverage for your two-wheeler is determined in part by the Insured Declared Value. In the unfortunate case of a complete theft or loss, IDV guarantees the highest amount that the insurance company can give. When you look for various options while buying two-wheeler insurance online, make sure to cross-check the IDV to see if it corresponds to the current market value of your vehicle because an accurate IDV assures you a fair settlement in case of an unforeseen incident.


  1. Add-On Covers:

When buying two-wheeler insurance online, having add-on covers makes it the coverage more effective. Add-ons strengthen the extent of your coverage and offer extra security in certain scenarios. Roadside support, engine protection, zero depreciation cover, and consumables coverage are examples of common add-ons. Make sure to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your needs so you can opt for accessories based on your riding style and way of life.


  1. Online Reviews and Ratings:

Since you will be buying two-wheeler insurance online, it would be good practice to leverage the insurance provider’s ratings and reviews on the internet. Getting insights via reviews by other customers will give you a perspective on the degree of client satisfaction, the company’s claim settlement procedure, and the quality of its services. So, prioritise positive reviews that verify transparent and prompt services before opting for online insurance.


  1. Digital Platform Security:

One should prioritise online platforms that guarantee the safety of your financial and personal data. Make sure that the chosen platform has necessary security measures such as robust data encryption mechanisms, SSL certifications, and safe payment gateways. A secure digital platform helps to create a reliable online transaction experience and also safeguards your private data.


  1. Claim Settlement Ratio:

What instils confidence in policyholders when it comes to how trustworthy the insurance company is an elevated ratio of claim settlements. This ratio shows the proportion of claims that the insurer has settled relative to the total number of claims that it has received, thus showing they have an excellent history of settling claims. So before you proceed to buy online insurance, make sure to evaluate the ratio provided by that insurer. 



As we are leaping into the world of digitalisation, purchasing online insurance for two-wheelers has made it a more convenient process. This is why we have specific factors to guide us through before purchasing online insurance to ensure that the policy you choose provides comprehensive coverage that fulfils and even surpasses your unique needs. Make sure to have a checklist of policies, such as add-ons and so on, before choosing the insurance that meets your needs. 


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