Time Period To Sue The Dog Owner After a Dog Bite

Published February 23, 2024

A dog bite is not a delightful event. Such experiences leave an ever-lasting impact on you as they drain you physically and financially. If you have suffered financial loss, you must seek help from the Roseville dog bite lawyer. Confused about when to sue the owner? You have landed on the right page. Click to know more! 

How Long Can A Dog Owner Be Sued For Biting? 

Depending on all the relevant statutes of limitations, there are several time frames within which to file a case following a dog bite. A statute of limitations establishes the longest period following an occurrence that can be used to file a lawsuit.

Although this might vary greatly depending on the state, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases often spans one to six years. Dog bite cases may be subject to different statutes of limitations in different jurisdictions. Additionally, they may be treated as a subset of general personal injury claims.

Things To Consider While Suing The Owner 

1. Intensity of injuries

If you have a dog bite, carefully check the severity of injuries before you sue the dog owner. If the injuries are minor with no damages, it is not necessary to sue them. However, if you have experienced physical and financial loss along with emotional distress, suing the dog owner is critical.  

2. Accident evidences 

To win fair compensation from the dog’s owner, you need to have proper evidence about the accident. These include videos and pictures of your injuries, accident scenes, eye-witness information, and more details. This evidence strengthens your case and helps you to win a fair claim. 

3. Dog owner’s liability 

Determine the dog owner’s liability. This includes analyzing if the owner was already aware of his dog’s aggressive nature. Additionally, check if they fail to control the dog, which results in a dog bite. 

4. Insurance coverage 

Find out if the dog owner is covered by liability insurance, which could pay for your injuries. This could include plans from renters’ or homeowners’ insurance covering dog accidents. 

5. Potential outcomes 

Before suing the dog owner, you must see what are the potential outcomes of the incident. See if the chances of getting a fair claim are higher. If not, you must hire a dog bite lawyer who can provide guidance at every step. 

Wrapping Up 

A dog bite is a traumatic experience that can cause physical losses. If you have experienced such an event, you can sue the owner. Hire a dog bite lawyer to get a claim. 


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