Three Popular US Universities Unveiled for International Students – Choose the Best Fit

Published October 18, 2023

When it comes to higher education aspirations, one destination consistently tops the list: the United States. The USA offers international aspirants the freedom to pursue their educational dreams and career ambitions. Boasting over 27 universities in the prestigious Top 100 list according to the QS World University Rankings for 2024, the USA stands as a beacon for millions of international students seeking excellence in world-class institutions.

Let’s explore some of the popular universities that grace this remarkable nation.

Popular USA Universities Among International Aspirants

1. University of Arizona

About: Established in 1885, the University of Arizona boasts a stunning setting amid mountain ranges and Saguaro forests. It holds a global rank of 285 in the QS World University rankings for 2024, guided by its core values of Integrity, Compassion, Exploration, Adaptation, Inclusion, and Determination.

Career-wise, graduates can expect an early average salary of $62,600, as per the 2022 PayScale data. Furthermore, the university extends robust financial support, with nine out of ten students receiving aid, alongside abundant scholarship opportunities.

Offerings: With more than 46,900 students representing 112 nationalities, the University offers undergraduate and postgraduate in major study fields for international aspirants planning to study in America.

Study areas available in the university are Agricultural Sciences, Animal and veterinary sciences, Architecture Planning and development, Arts and Media, Biological and Biomedical Science, Business, Economics and entrepreneurship, Communication, Journalism and Public Relations, Health, Nutrition and fitness, Environment and sustainability, English and literature, Engineering & Technology, Education and Human Development, Cultural & language, Computer & Information science, Psychology & human behaviour, Physical & Space sciences, Philosophy & religious studies, Mathematics, statistics & data science, Law, policy & social justice,  Interdisciplinary studies and Social & behavioural sciences.

Campus Facilities: The University of Arizona boasts a sprawling campus that houses an impressive array of over 400 clubs and organizations. Its extensive facilities and services include:

– Learning Centres
– Research Centres
– An international-sized football stadium
– Seven libraries
– Dining halls and 35 Student Union restaurants
– A state-of-the-art gym
– Disability Resource Centre
– Various sports courts and fields

To study in USA for international students, these comprehensive campus amenities of the University of Arizona are thoughtfully designed to foster not just academic growth but also holistic development.

Noteworthy Alumni: Arizona Alumni serves more than 300,000 former students from more than 150 countries, Some of the Notable Alumni include,

  • Thomas Jones (Former United States Astronaut, Scientist, Space Operations Consultant, Speaker and Author)
  • Harvey Mason Jr. (Musician, songwriter, record producer, six-time Grammy award winner)
  • Robert A. Eckert (American Businessman, Chairman and Former CEO of Mattel, Kraft foods)

2. George Mason University

About: With its main campus in Virginia and regional campuses in Fairfax, Arlington, and Prince William counties, alongside an international presence in Songdo, South Korea, this institution serves over 39,000 students with a dedicated faculty and staff of over 10,000. It holds the prestigious title of the No.1 Public VA University for Diversity and Innovation according to the U.S. News and World Report. Additionally, it’s recognized as one of the Nation’s Youngest R-1-Ranked Universities, highlighting its commitment to research and innovation.

Offerings: Across its 10 distinguished schools and colleges, George Mason University welcomes students from 50 US states and an impressive 130 countries. Here, a wide spectrum of programs spans across all major academic disciplines, catering to diverse educational aspirations.

  • Arts, Media & Communication
  • Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship
  • Computing
  • Education & Social Services
  • Engineering, Technology & Design
  • Environment, Sustainability & Social action
  • Government, Policy & International affairs
  • Health, Medicine & Well-being
  • People, Culture & Behaviour
  • Science & Math

Campus Facilities: At George Mason University, “Freedom and Learning” isn’t just a motto; it’s a way of life. With 500+ clubs and organizations hosting thousands of events, students have ample opportunities for holistic growth. Campus facilities include student housing, shops, 145+ lounges, fitness centres, sports fields, more than 30 dining options, and libraries, enriching the overall student experience.

Notable Alumni: An impressive 87% of graduates from George Mason University report achieving positive career outcomes within six months of completing their courses. The university takes pride in its distinguished alumni association, which includes notable individuals who have made substantial contributions to various fields. Some of them are,

  • Rhea Seehorn (Actress and Director Featured in Better Call Saul, Inside Man, Linoleum etc)
  • Anousheh Ansari (CEO of the X Prize Foundation, Co-founder of Prodea Systems, CEO and Co-founder of Telecom Technologies, Inc.)
  • Zainab Salbi (Women’s rights activist, Writer, TV host and Podcaster, Co-founder of Women for Women International)

3. Colorado State University

About: Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado, CSU has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1870. It has earned its place among prestigious universities, regularly gracing the lists of the world’s finest institutions by U.S. News and World Report and the QS World Ranking for 2024. CSU takes pride in its highly qualified faculty, offering students an enriching and rewarding educational journey.

Offerings: California State University (CSU) is a diverse academic institution, comprising over 26,062 undergraduates and 7,299 post-graduate students hailing from numerous countries. Within its academic offerings, CSU proudly presents an extensive array of programs spanning across major study fields like,

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Health and Human Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
  • Natural Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
  • Natural resources

Campus Facilities: At CSU’s extensive campus, over 500 student clubs cater to diverse interests, from Arts and Culture to Sports and Music, hosting numerous engaging events. The campus features sports facilities, dining areas, safety centers, and libraries, recreational centres, gyms and wellness centres enriching the student experience. Also, CSU’s world-class research faculties attracted funding of more than $300 million annually.

Noteworthy Alumni: Colorado State University Alumni Association helps you to connect various alumni across the globe in various sectors and fields, Some of the Notable alumni of CSU are,

  • Lane Kiffin (Head Coach of Football, Former American Football Player)
  • Leslie Jones (Writer, Game Show Host, Film actor, Stand-up Comedian)
  • Corry Gardner (American Attorney, Lobbyist and Politician who served as US Senator from Colorado)

In summary, these three esteemed US universities have garnered international acclaim for their diverse course offerings, unwavering commitment to academic excellence, distinguished faculty members, and illustrious alumni.

When contemplating admission to these prestigious institutions, the guidance of abroad education consultants becomes invaluable. Their expertise will provide comprehensive insights into the crucial factors essential for a successful application process, ensuring your path to these universities is well-informed and optimized for success.

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