Snaptik – Online TikTok to MP3 Video Converter

Published February 20, 2024

Looking to snag some tunes from TikTok? Well, Snaptik’s got your back! It’s your go-to tool for grabbing those catchy mp3 tracks from TikTok in top-notch quality. This nifty little gadget operates smoothly and lightning-fast, letting you effortlessly save TikTok audio as mp3 on your device.

Our TikTok mp3 downloader (Snaptik) boasts a user-friendly interface that makes downloading your beloved TikTok jams a breeze. Plus, it’s super versatile – whether you’re on a PC, tablet, iPhone, or Android, you can get those beats without bothering with any pesky software installations.

How to Convert TikTok Music to MP3

  • Fire up your TikTok app on your phone and pick out the video that’s got your attention.
  • Look for that friendly Share icon hanging out in the bottom right corner of the video. Give it a tap and then hit the Copy Link option like it’s your backstage pass.
  • Jump back over to ssstiktok – that’s your go-to spot. Paste that snazzy TikTok URL you just copied into the input box and hit the Download button. Easy, right?
  • Now, get ready for the finale. Click on the Download MP3 button, kick back for a few seconds, and let the magic happen. Your freshly downloaded file is all set to jam on your device. Rock on!

How to download TikTok music on iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Getting TikTok music on your iOS gadgets (like iPhones and iPads) can be a bit of a puzzle. Here’s the lowdown: either roll with the Safari browser if you’re rocking iOS 13 or snag the Documents by Readdle app. With that nifty app, you can breeze through the process and snag your top-tier TikTok jams in mp3 glory right on your device. It’s a bit of a workaround, but hey, that’s the iOS game for you!

MusicallyDown – TikTok Downloader Without Watermark


How can I download music from TikTok online?

If you’re looking to grab TikTok music hassle-free, head over to Snaptik. This nifty website lets you save top-notch audio straight from TikTok to your device, all without the hassle of installing any software.

What’s the drill for downloading music on TikTok using Snaptik?

Just fire up your TikTok app, pick the video you’re vibing with, copy the link. Then, swing by, paste that link in the input box, hit Download. Click on Download MP3, and voila! Your jam is ready to roll on your device.

How do I convert TikTok music to mp3 on iPhone/iPad (iOS)?

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s a bit of a dance. Use Safari on iOS 13 or snag the Documents by Readdle app. Pop over to Snaptik, paste the TikTok link, and follow the instructions for a smooth download.

And what about converting TikTok music to mp3 on Android?

Android users, it’s a breeze. Open Snaptik in your browser, toss in the TikTok link, hit Download, then choose Download MP3. Your Android device just became a music haven.

Do I have to drop some cash to download MP3 music from TikTok?

Not a dime! Snaptik has your back with free downloads. No fees, no limits – grab those TikTok MP3s quick and easy. Happy jamming!


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