Shortly After Launch, Joshua Westerman’s Alpha West Capital Enjoys Stellar Returns

Published January 22, 2024

Alpha West Capital has taken a giant leap into the investment landscape with the launch of its new hedge fund. However, the launching of the new fund is not the only reason to rejoice. Alpha West Capital has also shown an impressive performance for Q4 2023.

Q4 2023 Returns

Joshua Westerman and Dale Wang at Alpha West Capital enjoyed an extraordinary fund performance in November 2023. The Master Fund recorded a 19.11% gross return and a 14.94% net return. This leaves the benchmark S&P 500 trailing at 8.92%. This remarkable achievement isn’t a mere coincidence but a testament to the astute financial acumen possessed by Alpha West Capital’s managers. 

Alpha West Capital maintained a dominant performance in the fourth quarter of 2023, delivering a net of all fees return of 19.71% for subscribed investors since inception, significantly outpacing the benchmark S&P 500, returning only 13.74% since November. Past performance is not an indication or projection of future performance. 

Expertise and Guidance 

Alpha West Capital’s success is underpinned by the extensive knowledge of Josh Westerman and Dale Wang. Their ability to meticulously analyze market trends, assess potential risk factors, and make informed decisions solely in the investors’ interest forms the foundations of their mission. By harnessing its deep market understanding, Alpha West Capital aims to instill confidence in its investors and help them achieve financial growth and build generational wealth.

This impressive performance is mainly due to the partners’ decade-long expertise in navigating North American equities and the firm’s unique long/short strategy. Alpha West Capital’s success lies in identifying and capitalizing on market inefficiencies while effectively managing risks. Their research-driven process, transparency, and consistent communication are crucial in delivering such strong performance.

Investment Strategy

Alpha West Capital Partners exhibits an unparalleled aptitude for implementing a long/short hedging strategy that strategically allocates the portfolio across various sectors of the market to exploit market volatilities and valuation gaps. 

Through meticulously analyzing market pricing, macroeconomic indicators, and emerging trends, Alpha West Capital masterfully pivots its investment focus within the U.S. stock market.

Despite the complexities and elevated risks associated with long/short hedging strategies, Alpha West Capital’s deep understanding of economic cycles and sector dynamics sets it apart from other peers. Their research-led investment process uncovers unique investment opportunities, giving investors an edge in pursuing market-beating returns.

With the new hedge fund launch and an impressive performance since the fund’s launch in November 2023, Alpha West Capital continues to spotlight itself as a formidable ally for ultra high net worth investors and family offices seeking investment returns in the public markets.


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