How To Repair Company Files With QuickBooks File Doctor

Published January 24, 2024


Are your company files on QuickBooks corrupted, and do you need to know how to fix them with QuickBooks file doctor?

QuickBooks is a very impressive tool used by a lot of people for business-related procedures, helps them handle the evolving demands of their businesses, and even minimizes the stress users would normally face.

But just like every other database, it is prone to be affected by different issues occasionally. 

And one of these issues is a corrupted company file.

It is usually impossible to access the normal functions on QuickBooks when the company file gets corrupted, luckily this is not a permanent issue as you can repair the company file using QuickBooks file doctor.

In this guide, we will explore why QuickBooks company files get corrupted and how to use QuickBooks File Doctor to repair QuickBooks company files.


Reasons Why QuickBooks Company Files Get Corrupted

Here are some of the reasons why QuickBooks company data files can get corrupted.

  1. Bad sectors in the hard drive which has the QuickBooks company file database.
  2. Not enough Virtual Memory, Routers, RAM, Network Interface Card, Network Cables, and so on.
  3. System shutting down improperly can cause the QuickBooks database to get corrupted.
  4. The hard drive storing the company files data might be infected with a virus.
  5. The hard drive can get damaged causing corruption due to unexpected power surges or drops in power when there isn’t a UPS backup in place.


How To Fix Corrupted Company Files with QuickBooks File Doctor

The main purpose of QuickBooks file doctor is to repair data corruption, resolve network setup issues, and resolve Windows setup issues. 

Follow this process to repair corrupted company files:

Step 1: First go to Tool Hub and select “Company Files Issues”.

Step 2: Then select the option that says “Run QuickBooks File Doctor” The file takes a while to open so wait.

Step 3: Choose the Company Files from the drop-down menu in QuickBooks File Doctor.

Step 4: Search for Company files with browse if the file isn’t visible.

Step 5: Then choose the “Check Your File” option and select the “Continue Tab” option.

Step 6: Lastly enter your QuickBooks admin password and select “Next”.


With this process, QB file doctor will scan the company files that are corrupted and repair them, allowing you to once again enjoy your QuickBooks without any further issues.



Facing the issues of corrupted company files is common for users of QuickBooks, and there are a couple of reasons why it happens, and almost impossible to avoid them all.

Lucky for users, QuickBooks provides a way to repair any corrupted company file with the use of QuickBooks file doctor, and it should successfully repair any of the corrupted company files.

In case you encounter any other problems with company files that QuickBooks file doctor can’t seem to repair, you should contact QuickBooks support through their official website at  

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