Olantern Classic Mini Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern Features

Published January 19, 2024


The Olight Olantern classic mini LED camping lantern is a best choice for general camping. It may not be lightweight, but it definitely makes up for it with its powerful and durable build standard. One standout spec of this lantern is the capability to adjust the glow and intensity of the light, permitting you to switch between candle light bright and yellow white. 

The carabiner clip is also a handy addition, making it simple to attach the lantern to tent poles, tree branches, and other loops. The locking feature makes sure that the lantern does not accidentally turn on during transportation, stop any battery drain. The ¼” thread on the base of the lantern is a helpful spec for those who want to use it with a light tripod or stand.

The lower settings with the Edison-style bulb gives a fun and warm ambiance, which is a welcome departure from the harsh white light generally found in other lanterns. While the clip is perfect to use, it can be bit tricky to take it off, requiring a 2 handed approach. The battery capacity of about 4500mAh is generous for its size, lasting for many days without needing a recharge.

In simple words, the Olight Olantern classic mini LED camping lantern is a very versatile and well-built lantern that is well-matched for general camping objectives. Its capability to adjust the light intensity, strong construction, and compact size make it a standout option for outdoor lovers.

Technical features

Operating modes: Provides warm light low, warm light high, orange light low and orange light high settings for adaptable illumination.

Luminous flux: Delivers up to three-hundred lumens for adjustable and strong brightness.

Batteries: Powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery, get rid of the need for external batteries.

Lamp type: Utilizes white and warm white LEDs for a big lighting experience.

Height: Compact at 123.5mm, make sure portability and simple handling.

Cap diameter: with a cap diameter of 110mm, gives a stable and balanced structure.

Body colour options: Accessible in Copper, Black, or Green, providing aesthetic options to match preferences.

Weight: only weighting 415 grams.

Impact resistance: Withstand impacts up to 0.8 meters, improve durability during outdoor use.

Switch type: Features a perfect rotary switch for seamless mode adjustments.

Warranty: Backed by a two-year warranty, providing assurance of product reliability and standard.


Uses of Olantern Classic Mini Rechargeable LED camping lantern

Camping adventures

The Olantern classic mini includes a practicality and warmth to your camping experiences. With its adjustable orange and warm white lighting, it creates a wonderful atmosphere around the campsite, making evening under the stars more thrilling. Its versatile mounting options make it best lighting companion for tends, providing both aesthetics and functionality during your open-air adventure.

Best for RV living areas

In RV living areas, where high lighting is important, the Olantern classic mini shines. Its compact size makes sure it fits rightly into the limited area of an RV, while the stepless dimming knob permits you to customize the lighting to match different activities. Whether you are unwinding after a day on the road or engaging in indoor activities, this lantern effortlessly glows the environment of your mobile home.

Wonderful lighting for backyard parties

Transform your backyard gatherings with the wonderful glow of Olantern classic mini. Hang it from tree branches, mount it on a stand, and place it on tables to provide 360° illumination. The orange and warm white light options create an inviting and cozy environment, turning general outdoor events into a memorable get-together that extend long into the night.

Versatile lighting for different occasions

Beyond specific settings, the Olantern classic mini provides to be best lighting solutions for different occasions. Whether it is a beach outing, family picnic, or a quiet evening on the patio, this lantern adapts to your needs. It’s simple design and ease of use make it go-to option for illuminating different areas, ensuring you have the best ambiance wherever life takes you.

Packaging and contents

The Olantern classic mini comes amazingly packed in retail packaging, ensuring an organized and safe presentation. Each package contains the following essentials:

Olight Olantern classic mini LED lantern (Quantity 1). This lantern designed to give versatile lighting adventure lovers. Its classic design and latest features make it a standout addition to your open-air gear collection.

USB-C charging cable (Quantity: 1): A USB-C charging cable is added, providing a universal and convenient charging solution for the lantern built-in lithium-ion battery. Keep your light powered up for extended use, ensuring you are forever ready for your next illumination needs.

Manual (Quantity 1): The package contains a full manual, showing you the lanterns features, maintenance instructions, and operating modes. This manual makes sure that you can make the most of the Olantern classic mini capabilities while maintaining best performance.


How to disable and enable lockout mode on the Olantern classic mini?

To activate lockout mode: To enable the lockout mode on the lantern; rightly perform two consecutive switchings (power off-on and on-off) within one second. You will feel a prolonged vibration, and a red indicator light will glow for five seconds. Following this, the light will remain off, verify the activation of the lockout mode.

To deactivate lockout mode: To disable the lockout mode: just replicate the same operation of 2 consecutive switching (power off-on and on-off) within one second. The device will exit the lockout mode, restoring general functionality, and you will be ready to use the light as usual.

What material is the handle of the Olantern lantern made of?

The Olantern classic mini is equipped with a metal buckle and handle, facilitating hanging and carrying.

End words

The Olantern classic mini is a wonderful lantern, blending retro aesthetics with latest technology. Its versatile orange and warm white lighting, durable build, and power bank functionality make it an essential tool for RV lighting, and camping. Elevate your adventures with this stylish and reliable LED lantern today!

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