Object Storage Market Growth, Business Overview, Forecast 2023 to 2030 | Basho, CloudFounders, ETegro

Published October 5, 2023

The Report on “Object Storage Market” provides Key Benefits, Key Market Segments, Secondary and Primary Research, Analyst Tools and Models to 2030 by Infinitybusinessinsights.com. The report will assist reader with better understanding and decision making.

The Object Storage Market is a pivotal component of modern data storage infrastructure, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions for managing vast amounts of unstructured data. This market overview delves into the key drivers and barriers, future trends and opportunities, challenges, risks, and regional analysis shaping the Object Storage industry.

The global object storage market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.44% from 2023 to 2030.

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Top key players:
Basho, CloudFounders, ETegro, Hyve, Newisys, Nexenta, Supermicro, SwiftStack, Seagate

Key Drivers: The Object Storage Market is primarily driven by the exponential growth of unstructured data, which includes multimedia content, documents, and IoT-generated data. Enterprises are seeking scalable and flexible storage solutions to handle this data surge efficiently. Object storage’s ability to provide seamless scalability, data durability, and lower cost per terabyte compared to traditional storage systems is a significant driver. Moreover, the adoption of cloud computing and the need for data mobility across on-premises and cloud environments are boosting the demand for object storage solutions.

Barriers: Despite its advantages, the Object Storage Market faces certain barriers. One challenge is the complexity of implementing and managing object storage systems, which require a shift in mindset compared to traditional file and block storage. Additionally, compatibility issues with existing applications and the lack of standardized APIs can hinder adoption. Data security and compliance concerns, especially in industries with stringent regulations, are another barrier that needs to be addressed.

Global Object Storage Market Split by Product Type and Applications

This report segments the Object Storage Market on the basis of Types:
Object-based Storage Device
Metadata Server

On the basis of Application, the Object Storage Market is segmented into:
Manipulate Data
Mobile Apps
Graphics Files
Sensor Data
Using Network to Work

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Future Trends and Opportunities: The future of the Object Storage Market is marked by several trends and opportunities. With the growing importance of data analytics and AI, object storage is evolving to support data processing directly within storage environments, reducing the need for data movement. Furthermore, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments are becoming more prevalent, opening up opportunities for object storage providers to offer seamless data mobility and integration solutions. Object storage is also aligning with containerization and microservices architecture, making it suitable for modern application development.

Challenges & Risks: Challenges in the Object Storage Market include ensuring data security and compliance in shared storage environments, as well as addressing the complexities of data management in distributed systems. Risk factors include data breaches, data loss, and potential vendor lock-in, as organizations rely on specific object storage platforms that may limit their flexibility.

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Regional Analysis:
The adoption of object storage solutions varies by region. North America, with its robust IT infrastructure and data-centric industries, has been a prominent market for object storage. Europe follows closely, with a focus on data protection and privacy regulations. The Asia-Pacific region is witnessing significant growth, driven by the digital transformation efforts of businesses and the proliferation of data-intensive applications. Emerging markets in Latin America and Africa are also showing increased interest in object storage solutions as they modernize their data infrastructure.

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Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Executive Summary
3. Advantages of Our Market Analysis
4. Global Object Storage Market Visions
5. Global Object Storage Market, by Application
6. Global Object Storage Market, by Types
7. Global Object Storage Market, by End-User
8. Global Object Storage Market, by Procedure
9. Global Object Storage Market, by region
10. Competitive Landscape
11. Company Outlines

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