How To Set Up the Right Spotify Artist Profile for Streaming Quality Music?

Published June 10, 2023

Every artist wants to get a verified artist profile. First, you must set up your music with a distributor like TuneCore or Distro Kid. Different music distributors have their pros and cons, but only after registering can you start your application for a Spotify-verified artist profile. The first step is to upload your song to Spotify through your music distributor.

Initiating Your Core Steps Towards Setting Up the Right Artist Profile

Claiming your profile:

Now to claim your profile on Spotify, you must go to the artist page of Spotify. There you will see a tab mentioning ‘claim Spotify Artist Profile.’The only way to claim your profile is if you have your music on Spotify. So if you have a piece of music, you can search for your song on Spotify. Sometimes it takes a few days for your theme to show if you have uploaded it just now.

Artist Profile:

After claiming your profile, you can see your artist profile. The homepage provides top blog articles, recent songs, and songwriter information. It also shows how many people are listening to your music right now. It also shows your current top stats and top songs in streams.


The music tab is where the artist can get all the information regarding their music. It shows stats like the number of streams, listeners, and saves when you first uploaded your song to Spotify. It has sub-sections such as releases, playlists, and upcoming, which is very useful for the artist to keep track of their current and upcoming music. This is where you can pitch to official Spotify curators to get into a great Spotify editorial playlist.

The playlist section helps you know where your songs are being played algorithmic-wise and how many users listen to them. The release section contains the music you already have any specific data. To go deeper into the data, go to the main page and get to the audience tab. Here you can get additional data such as streams, listeners, or followers per day. You can also download this data if you want.

Source of the stream:

Understanding the source of a stream is helpful. You can check where people listen to your songs and how many users have added your music to their playlists and library. It also shows how many of these sources are being used daily. If someone likes your song, they will put it in their playlist, and the artist should use this metric to ensure that more and more users do this over time. The listener’s gender and age also provide more insight into the artist.

Setting up the Profile Page:

On the profile page, you have the option to edit almost everything. You can edit your display photo, cover photo, and About section. You can also add more pictures if you want. You can also edit your bio and links. To add concerts, you need to sign up with an official partner Songkick.

Following the abovesteps, one can easily create an authentic, genuine Spotify Artist Profile.There are several upgraded streaming services that becomes easier with the help of Sound On. This attracts a huge amount of global audience.

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