How Hilma Biocare Strives to Guarantee Quality with Unique Packaging and Coding System

Published September 22, 2023

Hilma Biocare, a well-known brand in the world of pharmaceuticals and biological products, pays special attention not only to the quality of its products, but also to protecting them from counterfeiting. With the recent introduction of new packaging, Hilma Biocare has demonstrated its commitment to these principles, combining visual appeal with a multi-layered protection system Hilma Biocare.

Anti-Counterfeit Protection with Packaging

One of the key elements of the new Hilma Biocare packaging is a holographic sign with multiple refraction angles. This holographic sign not only gives the product an exclusive appearance, but also serves as powerful protection against counterfeiting. The sign is tamper evident and cannot be opened without being damaged.

Visual and Tangible Packaging Elements

The new Hilma Biocare packaging not only features a holographic sign, but also provides a number of other visual and tangible elements that make the brand’s products even more unique and protected:

  1. Unique Alphanumeric Code: Under the protective scratch film on the packaging there is a unique alphanumeric code that can be verified on the official Hilma Biocare website. This code serves as an additional guarantee of product authenticity.
  2. Foil Elements: The presence of foil elements on packaging not only gives it a luxurious look, but also makes counterfeiting more difficult.
  3. “Velour” Coating: The feeling of velor on the surface of the packaging makes it especially pleasant to the touch, which gives the product additional quality.
  4. Embossed Marking: On the packaging you can find raised markings under the QR code and brand logo. These elements give the packaging not only a textured design, but also additional protection against counterfeiting.
  5. Tactile Braille: The Hilma Biocare brand also focuses on making its products accessible to everyone. Therefore, the packaging includes tactile elements, including braille writing, making the products accessible to people with disabilities.

Coding System for Extra Security

However, the main level of protection for Hilma Biocare products is provided through a coding system. Each product item is equipped with a unique alphanumeric code.

Security Code

For injections and tablets, the safety code is located on the label of the jar or bottle, inside the box. For blister packs, the code is on the box. To find out the code, you need to remove the protective scratch film.

Product Inspection

After removing the scratch film, the code can be entered on the official Hilma Biocare website at or scan the QR code on the packaging to go to the site. The user must also enter their email address to receive the verification result. The system will send a response by email almost instantly.

Thanks to this multi-layered system of protection and attention to detail, Hilma Biocare ensures not only the quality but also the reliability of their products, making their products more affordable and safer for consumers. This is the confidence that every ounce of a Hilma Biocare product is true quality and effectiveness.

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