Headline – Elite Elevators enhances luxury living with its premium home lifts

Published February 1, 2024

Byline – Lending a modern charm in form and function, the company’s home elevators are quiet luxury statements. 

Melbourne, Victoria – Elite Elevators is a premium Australian home lifts company headquartered in Victoria. Founded in 2013, the company has partnered with TK Access Solutions, Germany, to introduce luxury home lifts to Australian homes. Elite Elevators’ home lifts are notorious for their safety, luxury functionality and classy interiors, elevating the experience for users. These features are attributed to German technology and Italian design. Whether customers are building their homes or living in them, installation can be carried out in either. Elite Elevators has an experience centre in the city at South Bank Boulevard and has its product range on display. 

“With our premium home mobility range, we intend for our customers to experience luxury mobility in their homes in Australia. Thanks to our collaboration with TK Access Solutions, Germany, our product range is stellar. The 14 unique patented technologies, innovative drives and resulting performance speak to the sophistication one experiences in our home elevators. Authenticity is what one gets with Elite Elevators.” said a spokesperson for Elite Elevators. 

Convenience and safety are at the heart of Elite Elevators’ product range. The company introduced its signature range, the E Series, at the beginning of the year. Stairlifts, hydraulic lifts, residential lifts, CogBelt lifts and gearless home lifts are the company’s primary offerings. Each product offers a seamless experience to users: super smooth rides, safe mobility and convenience while accessing the home. Elite Elevators’ residential lifts are also well-known for their minimal energy consumption, space efficiency, durability and long lifespan. The residential lifts can be customised as well, as per the customer’s choice. 

The company invites residents of Melbourne and neighbouring suburbs to visit the experience centre at South Bank Boulevard for a demo of their home lifts. 

Elite Elevators Victoria  

SE2 65 Southbank Blvd, Southbank, Victoria, 3006

Contact Number: 1300 319 878


About Elite Elevators Corporation: 

Elite Elevators Corporation is an Australian home lift company with headquarters in Victoria, South Bank. They offer a range of stairlifts, hydraulic lifts and gearless home lifts to homes across Australia. They are an authorised business partner of TK Access Solutions, Germany. TK Access Solutions is a division of TK Elevator – one of the world’s leading home mobility solutions manufacturers and pioneers in the elevator industry. Developed in Germany and made in Italy, their home lifts are renowned worldwide for their safety and luxe aspects. Visit https://www.eliteelevators.com.au/ for product details and experience centre addresses.


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