External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) Market Navigating Dynamics Growth Trends and Key Player Insights Through 2030 | Exklim, ASUS, Blackmagic Design

Published October 26, 2023

External Graphics Processing Units (eGPUs) have emerged as a game-changing innovation in the world of computing and visual processing. These devices, which are separate, high-performance graphics cards housed in an external enclosure, allow laptops and desktop computers to significantly enhance their graphical processing power. eGPUs provide a versatile solution for graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, and machine learning. By connecting an eGPU to a computer via a Thunderbolt or USB-C port, users can experience the benefits of dedicated graphics processing without being bound to a fixed, internal GPU. This report explores the eGPU market, providing insights into its growth, recent technological developments, and the key drivers shaping the industry.

The worldwide External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) Market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 20% from 2023 to 2030.

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Market Overview of External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU):

The global market for eGPUs has experienced rapid growth, driven by the growing demand for high-quality visuals and the increasing popularity of gaming and content creation. As users seek to run demanding applications and games on laptops and compact desktops, eGPUs have emerged as a viable solution to unlock their full graphical potential. The gaming industry, in particular, has embraced eGPUs to provide gamers with the power to run the latest titles at high resolutions and frame rates. Content creators and professionals have also adopted eGPUs to accelerate video editing and rendering workflows. Recent advancements in connectivity standards, such as Thunderbolt 4, have improved data transfer speeds and further expanded the appeal of eGPUs. With a growing user base and ongoing technological developments, the eGPU market is poised for continued expansion.

Recent development in External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU):

Recent advancements in eGPUs have focused on compatibility, performance, and portability. Manufacturers have worked to ensure eGPUs are compatible with a wide range of laptops and desktops, making it easier for users to choose the right solution for their needs. Performance enhancements have included more powerful graphics cards, better cooling solutions, and efficient power management. The integration of Ray Tracing and AI acceleration capabilities has further improved visual fidelity and performance. Moreover, developments in eGPU enclosures have led to more compact and portable designs, making it convenient for users to take their eGPUs on the go. These developments have elevated the usability and appeal of eGPUs for a broader user base.

Global External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) Market: Segmental Analysis

Most Prominent Players in the Market are Exklim, ASUS, Blackmagic Design, Alienware, GIGABYTE Technology, HP, Razer

External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) Market by Type:

  • General
  • Special

External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) Market by Application:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop Computer

Countries Covered:

North America (U.S. and Canada)
Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and others)
Western Europe (Germany, U.K., France, Spain, Italy, Nordic countries, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg)
Eastern Europe (Poland and Russia)
Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, ASEAN, Australia, and New Zealand)
Middle East and Africa (GCC, Southern Africa, and North Africa)

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Driver of External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU):

Showcase case studies and success stories from gamers, content creators, and professionals who have experienced significant performance improvements and workflow enhancements through eGPU adoption. Emphasize collaborations between industry leaders and technology providers that drive innovation in eGPU design and application, ultimately benefiting users in various fields. Highlight the relevance of eGPUs in meeting the increasing demand for high-quality visuals, gaming experiences, and efficient content creation. Lastly, underline the industry’s commitment to advancing technology and providing more accessible, powerful, and portable eGPU solutions to meet the evolving needs of computer users seeking superior graphics performance.

The External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) market report addresses several essential inquiries, including:

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of key vendors.

  1. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of key vendors.
  2. Identification of leading key players and their future business plans.
  3. Projection of the market size and growth rate for the External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU) market in the upcoming year.
  4. Examination of the primary factors driving the global External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU)
  5. Assessment of key market trends influencing the growth of the global External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU)
  6. Identification of trending factors impacting market shares in top regions worldwide, including the effects of Covid-19 on the industry.
  7. Evaluation of key market players and their strategies within the global External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU)
  8. Exploration of market opportunities and threats faced by vendors in the global External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU)
  9. Analysis of industrial trends, drivers, and challenges influencing market growth.
  10. Presentation of key findings derived from the five forces analysis of the global External Graphics Processing Unit (eGPU)

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