Embrace Love and Firepower with Valorant’s Duo’s Day Bundle

Published February 22, 2024


Celebrate love and rivalry in Valorant’s latest addition, the Duo’s Day bundle unveiled just in time for Valentine’s Day! Riot Games, renowned for their smash-hit League of Legends, brings forth an exciting twist to the popular first-person shooter, Valorant. Beyond the intense gameplay, dedicated players eagerly anticipate updates such as map expansions, new agents, and of course, the ever-expanding array of weapon skins, gun buddies, and player cards.


As of today, Valorant enthusiasts can dive into the love-infused world of the Duo’s Day bundle. This exclusive capsule introduces a unique gun buddy, animated player cards, sprays, and titles to adorn your arsenal. Notably absent are weapon skins, maintaining a focus on personalization rather than firepower. The Duo’s Day bundle, priced at 1,650VP, is a limited edition available in the in-game store only until February 28. An essential note for players: it is exclusively offered as a complete bundle, ensuring a comprehensive Valentine’s Day experience in Valorant.


Unsurprisingly, the Duo’s Day bundle stirred a bit of controversy upon its release. Some players expressed dissatisfaction with the bundle’s cost, taking to social media to voice their concerns. A Twitter user exclaimed, ” $20 for some cards, sprays and gun buddies? At this point y’all are robbing us.” Comparisons to the “Milk & Mocha” concept further fueled the discourse, underlining the scrutiny the bundle faced.


Adding fuel to the fire, a screenshot circulating on February 13 led players to believe they could obtain the bundle simply by logging in. This caused a wave of disappointment when the actual price and in-game purchasing requirements were revealed. Despite the backlash, optimists speculate that the uniqueness of the Duo’s Day bundle will find its audience among couples looking to enhance their Valorant experience.


Unlock the Heartbeat of the Duo’s Day Gun Buddy


Preeti Khanolkar, the Lead Designer for cosmetic content in Valorant, recently shared insights into the functionality of the Duo’s Day gun buddy. This unique accessory has four distinctive states, each reflecting the dynamics of love and combat:


  1. Normal Solo: When no one else on the team equips the buddy, it sports a regular happy face in orange.
  2. Normal Duo: If a teammate has the buddy equipped, it transforms with heart-shaped eyes in pink.
  3. Shooting while Solo: The gun buddy becomes visibly angry and glows in orange.
  4. Shooting while Duo: In this scenario, the gun buddy appears to “run” surrounded by hearts and emits a glowing pink aura.


Despite the initial discontent regarding the Duo’s Day bundle’s pricing, the allure of the gun buddy and animated player cards is undeniable. Players find themselves torn between the desire to embrace this limited edition set with their gaming partners and the reluctance caused by the bundle’s price tag. The Duo’s Day bundle represents a one-time opportunity, as it won’t make a return to the store in the future. The decision to invest in this exclusive Valentine’s Day offering lies in the hands of the players.


Elevate Your Valorant Experience with Duo’s Day Bundle


As you navigate the world of Valorant, immerse yourself in the love and competition embodied by the Duo’s Day bundle. Beyond the heated discussions surrounding its cost, the gun buddy’s charm and the unique player cards offer a chance to elevate your gaming experience.


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