Direct Air Address Their Thoughts On Fresh Produce Shortages and Enhancing Resilience in UK Agriculture

Published October 14, 2023

Coventry, United Kingdom, October 2023 – Since the previous shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UK, air compressors have helped to reduce the impact of the crisis. Their role in creating controlled atmospheres that extend the shelf life of fresh produce, paired with nitrogen generation technology, has contributed to preserving the quality, nutrient content, and flavour of agricultural products in times of scarcity.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that air compressors alone cannot be seen as a simple solution to the problem. To build a sustainable and resilient agricultural system, the UK needs to address the underlying challenges that led to the national lack of fresh produce in the first place.

One of the most significant contributing factors to the shortage was the extreme weather conditions the UK had during the crisis. Although the weather is an aspect that cannot be controlled, investments in climate-resilient agriculture practices and infrastructure, such as greenhouses and hydroponics, can help lessen the impact of bad weather on crops.

Labour shortages have also negatively affected the agriculture industry. Measures like implementing policies to attract and retain skilled agricultural workers, promoting education and training programmes, and exploring robotics and automation can aid in preventing future shortages.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge disruption to global supply chains, including agriculture. To mitigate future disruptions, resilient supply chain systems that prioritise local sourcing and investments in digital technologies must be considered.

Looking ahead, the UK can enhance resilience through advanced weather monitoring, sustainable farming practices, collaboration, and support for local food systems.

Tim McGill, Area General Manager at Direct Air commented:

“Air compressors and related technology such as nitrogen generators are critical for our customers across the Food and Beverage industry. Compressed air systems help in facilities producing food and drink that is consumed daily in the UK, specifically at dairy production sites, where nitrogen injection is used to create micro-bubbles for improving texture whilst not affecting the great taste of products such as cream and desserts.

Nitrogen purging, filling, blanketing and so many more applications are used across the food and beverage industry to help prolong shelf life, preventing oxidisation and contamination and protecting our food.”

About Direct Air: Direct Air has been a leading supplier of air compressors to the industry since 1993, and is a distributor for top brands including CompAir, Hydrovane, and Bambi.

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