Custom Varsity Jacket

Published February 2, 2024

Letterman jackets have a long and iconic history in American high school and college culture. While the classic varsity jacket design featuring leather sleeves, ribbed cuffs and collar, and decorative patches will never go out of style, many people want to put their own personal spin on these timeless jackets. Cothoo varsity jackets allow you to design your unique letterman jacket from scratch, adding custom colors, materials, embroidery, and other personal touches.

Why Choose a Custom Varsity Jacket?

There are many great reasons to invest in a customized varsity jacket. rather than settling for an off-the-rack version:

Tailored Fit

Custom varsity jackets are made specifically to your measurements for a perfect fit. Having your letterman jacket tailored to your body size & shape ensures maximum comfort and flexible movement.

Custom Style

With a custom varsity jacket, every detail from the fabric, color, trim, and embroidery can be designed to match your personal style. Make it truly your own with unique patches, iconic numbers, initials, and more.

Quality Materials

Clothoo varsity jackets allow you to select premium materials like leather, wool, nylon, or satin for superior durability and appearance over the years. High-quality materials hold up better over time.

Added Sentimental Value

Personalized with your name, number, achievements, and memories, a custom letterman jacket becomes a timeless memento. The custom details make it uniquely yours.

How to Design Your Custom Varsity Jacket

Creating your own custom varsity jacket is exciting but can also feel overwhelming with so many design options and materials to choose from. Follow this process to design your dream custom letterman jacket:

Pick the Base Jacket Style

Start by selecting the jacket style, such as the traditional baseball style with snap buttons or a zip-up letterman. Consider the jacket length and fit too.

Choose Jacket Materials

Select your outer shell fabric, like leather, cotton, wool blend, nylon, or satin along with inner lining materials. Durable leather sleeves are a classic choice.

Decide on Colors

Pick the jacket body colors and sleeve colors. You can stick with traditional school colors, go neutral, or choose vibrant custom hues. Contrasting body and sleeve colors look striking.

Add Embroidery & Patches

Make it personal with custom text embroidery featuring your name, number, team name, year, and other text elements. Fun patches offer another way to decorate and express your style.

Pick Ribbing Colors

The ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband trim come in a wide selection of colors to perfectly coordinate with your jacket colors. Black and white are safe picks.

Consider Custom Graphics

Take your design to the next level with custom graphic prints of photos, logos, mascots, icons, or illustrations for a fully one-of-a-kind varsity jacket.

Where to Buy a Custom Varsity Jacket Online

Thanks to online customization tools and processing, it’s easier than ever to design and purchase custom varsity jackets without ever leaving your home. Here are some top places to buy custom letterman jackets online:

Clothoo Jackets

One of the best websites for custom varsity jacket creation, Clothoo Jackets offers an effortless online customization studio to design your jacket from scratch. With excellent customer service and quality construction, they are a top choice for custom letterman jackets.

Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jacket has an easy custom jacket builder to create unique designs and offers a wide range of colors, fabrics, embroidery, and graphics options. All their custom jackets are made to order.

Custom Planet

This company offers tons of customization options for varsity jackets through their online platform. With low minimum orders and professional design support, Custom Planet is ideal for individual consumers looking for a tailored varsity jacket.

National Sportswear

For 75+ years, National Sportswear has made custom varsity jackets for schools and fans. Their online custom platform allows individuals to design their own unique jackets with custom text and graphics.

Logo Sportswear

In addition to custom team varsity jackets, Logo Sportswear offers an individual custom jacket program. Their platform makes it easy to choose fabrics, colors, embroidery, and trim for your perfect jacket.

Custom Varsity Jacket Inspiration Ideas

Need some inspiration and ideas for designing your dream custom varsity jacket? Here are some creative examples and themes to spark your vision:

  • Show your current or past high school/college pride with your colors, mascot, and other details
  • Rep your favorite sports team like a pro baseball or basketball franchise
  • Celebrate your other hobbies like music, surfing, dance, skating, and more
  • Add a favorite quote, meaningful date, or lucky number as custom text
  • Go retro with throwback team logos, fonts, and 80’s inspired graphics
  • Feature colorful patches representing cities, countries, flags, and more that you love
  • Focus on special memories like championships, school years, and trips
  • Rock your initials as the main custom focal point for a simple, classy look
  • Get creative with all-over graphic prints of photos, cool illustrations, or abstract art

The possibilities are endless when you design your very own custom varsity jacket thanks to the wide range of materials, colors, text, graphics, and other customizable elements available today. Using online custom jacket builders makes the process super easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Varsity Jackets

How much do custom varsity jackets cost?

Pricing can vary widely but expect to invest $100-$500+ for a custom varsity jacket depending on materials, embroidery, and other details. Leather and extensive customization will be pricier.

How long does it take to make a custom varsity jacket?

Turnaround times range from 2-8 weeks in most cases. More complex designs with extra steps like graphic printing may take longer. Rush orders can sometimes ship faster.

Can I design my own varsity jacket online?

Yes, most custom varsity jacket companies today offer online design studios to customize your jacket virtually. This allows easy design without templates or artwork skills.

What materials are best for varsity jackets?

For a traditional look, a wool blend body with genuine leather sleeves works best. But jackets can also be made from satin, nylon, fleece and feature faux leather sleeves for a more modern style.

What size should I order for my custom varsity jacket?

Consult the company’s sizing chart and measure yourself carefully, considering room for layering underneath. Order a size up if between sizes for a more comfortable varsity jacket fit.

Design Your Legendary Look with a Custom Varsity Jacket

Clothoo Varsity jackets are back in a big way, making now the perfect time to create your own custom letterman jacket to celebrate your iconic style and story. With the ability to select personalized colors, text, graphics, materials, and more, you can design a varsity jacket as unique as you are. Whether you’re immortalizing your high school glory days or just want to sport iconic jacket style, customizing your varsity jacket online has never been easier. Design yours today!


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