Creating theme-based calendar using AI tools

Published February 22, 2024

Desk calendars help to plan work better. But dull and mundane-looking calendars do not lift the mood; instead, opt for a customized calendar to augment the vibrancy of the workspace. Designing a theme-based calendar is easy and seamless with exciting tools like CapCut’s text to image converterCapCut is a comprehensive toolkit that offers diverse image editing and transformative functions. One such is the text-to-image transformative function. This can help you get the images you want in a thematic calendar.

Unlimited Choices of Personal Art Creation 

Are you an anime enthusiast? Or do fancy fairy-tale-like images give you high? Worry not. This text-to-image converter by CapCut converts the keywords or word prompts in seconds, producing exactly what you need to design the calendar.

So, if you love fancy and fairy-tale-like images, use word prompts like fairy-tale, princess, blue hair, and golden gown, and you will be surprised to see the generated image exactly how you imagined.

Likewise, you can choose superheroes, anime, animal figures, historical elements, or landscape elements for your calendar or personal artwork.

Features that Make CapCut’s text to image function stand out 

When designing a customized calendar is on the cards; it is better to check out the various features and functionalities that make conversion and customization easy and seamless.

  • High-precision text-to-image generation 


Powered by AI, this function of CapCut enables the user to convert stunning visuals from word prompts with utmost precision and detailing. Users can pour in their unlimited creative skills to get theme-based images for every page of the calendar and get different and unique images from the tool. This is so effortless and amazing.

  • Versatility and Diversity


Do you know if it can be used for online classes and learning modules? With exact word prompts, you can get cutting-edge quality images in the required specifications for teaching a particular chapter or subject. Often, relevant images, especially pre-historic events, are not available. With CapCut’s text-to-image converter, you can generate images as needed.


Brand promotion is another aspect that can be done with this magic tool. Create an endlessly imaginative and pictorial representation of a product by prompting texts like shiny hair, glossy face, purple gown, and modern-age girl holding a perfume bottle in hand. You will be delighted to find the image showcasing the keywords stated.

  • Various Styles and Customisation Impact 


This AI-powered tool by CapCut has the power to generate unlimited styles and customized designs instantly. If the word prompt is correct and sufficient to the requirement, getting an image in a particular customized style and pattern is a breeze.


Text to Image Converter Tool- How to use it


The most crucial part of this conversion function is typing the appropriate word prompts. To get the best AI-generated image, the user must type in the word prompts specific to the theme or customized style. The more accurate the word prompts, the better the image.


Moreover, you can upload a reference image from CapCut’s Cloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox to make it more accurate.

Then comes the customization part. You can customize it as per the number of images you need. This is important when you need multiple images, like in a calendar. Edit the styles, weight, and scale of the word prompt.


Once the customization is done, ‘Generate’ the image and save it for future use. You can download the image, use it as a reference, and generate similar images.


With this text-to-image converter by CapCut, you can generate unlimited forms of personal artwork, boosting your creative skills and productivity. The transformation and the artwork are enhanced and modified by upscaling it further. Your customized calendar will look even better and be more enriching with CapCut’s image upscaler. 


Image Upscaler- Make your images more stunning 


It edits, denoises, enlarges, and image upscaler to enhance the look and feel. All this upscaling can be done by the magic tool of CapCut, without any distortion to the original image. So, with this tool, all the images of the calendar look equally vibrant, enhanced, and beautiful.


Ways to Work with Image Upscaler Function 


  • The process of using CapCut’s Image upscaler function is easy and seamless.
  • Uploading the image either from Google Drive, Dropbox or Cloud is the first step.
  • Once the image is uploaded, the user needs to select the resolution as per the size of the calendar pages. Choose between 720p. 1080p, 2K, and 4K, and edit further by selecting the number of images required.
  •  Finally, the image can be downloaded and saved on the device for future use.


Facets of Image Upscale by CapCut that Help in Thematic Calendar Design 


  • You can enhance the image by 400% without losing the natural and original look.
  • The AI tool enhances the quality, rectifies the broken edges, and transforms from low-resolution to high-resolution.
  • Your old classic photographs are also restored and converted to high-quality masterpieces by this CapCut tool.
  • This tool is versatile and works on clicked photographs, illustrations, and generated ones.


Wrapping Up


Both the text-to-image converter and image upscaler functions by CapCut play a vital role in creating and enhancing personal artwork, like designing a theme-based calendar. Every image is of high quality, enhanced, and flawlessly beautiful yet unique and caters to the theme.


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