Should Your Content Differ On Facebook To Other Social Media Channels

Published January 25, 2024

There are so many social media platforms to include in your content plan now that copying and pasting on each platform can feel tempting. However, that’s not always the best option for a few reasons. Social media is always a great way to reach the correct audience and expand your company and sales. Social media is also a great tool to communicate with your audience, especially Facebook, which is why it’s so important to create separate content for it. You have the ability to build a great connection, and we’re here to explain why it’s so important your content differs! 


Should my content be different on each platform?

Each social media platform differs in demographics, interests, and behaviours. Some cater to the older generation, whilst some are heavily populated by Gen Z. Posting the same content across all platforms is not an effective way to engage with each platform’s unique audience, which can all be beneficial to your brand.


What should be posted on Facebook

Facebook has distinct features that cater to different user behaviours and preferences. Facebook allows and encourages longer-form posts and offers various content formats like articles and videos. Adapting your content to these features can help you better understand what Facebook wants to see. Facebook has a broader user base and is known for its news feed – so bear this in mind when creating your Facebook content.


Facebook algorithm

posting the exact same content on Facebook and all the other platforms can be seen as spammy. The separate algorithms can get confused if it’s done excessively without considering the platform’s unique characteristics. This can also potentially harm your reach and visibility. Tailoring your content is the best way to be respectful of the algorithm rules and increase your chances of appearing in users’ feeds.



Posting on Facebook should be regular. You should be posting at least 5 times a week to keep your audience engaged. You can post a mixture of content, but the Facebook algorithm favours long-form videos and written statuses; however, sometimes, this does change, so make sure to follow updated pages to keep on top of the newest algorithm. 


With such high levels of users on Facebook, you can almost guarantee your target customer is on there, waiting for you to advertise to them! If you’re posting the right content and start working with a Facebook advertising agency, you can target anybody you need! 

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