An Exclusive Interview with Michael Cherry: Reflections on Law, Marathons, and the True Definition of Success

Published August 23, 2023

Grosse Pointe, MI – Date Renowned attorney Michael Cherry sat down for a revealing interview, sharing his insights from decades in the legal field and his passion for marathon running, providing inspiration for professionals in all fields.

Born on July 22, 1943, Michael Cherry’s journey from the University of Michigan to establishing a private practice in 1992 exemplifies determination and dedication. Graduating with honors from the Detroit College of Law in 1974, Cherry has since been a beacon in Family, Juvenile, and Criminal Law. Having started at Riley and Roumell, transitioning to Lacey and Jones, and then launching an independent practice, Cherry’s professional journey has been one of relentless commitment to his clients.

However, Cherry’s achievements aren’t limited to courtrooms. A late bloomer in the marathon scene, he began racing at 48, and today, he’s completed 15 marathons, running in major races across five continents, soon to be six. An advocate for healthy living, Cherry emphasizes self-discipline, proper nutrition, and consistent exercise, often fitting in workouts amidst his legal commitments.

Reflecting on his early days, Cherry said, “After earning my law degree, I practiced general law for several years at Riley and Roumell. It was an invaluable experience that laid the foundation for my eventual independent practice.”

On his ethos, Cherry believes in the “integrity of work”. His commitment to transparency and thoroughness has ensured that he’s never received a complaint throughout his illustrious career. While challenges like night school and maintaining a full-time job during his education were demanding, they shaped his resilience and drive.

When asked about his motivation, Cherry mentioned personal growth. “I wanted to make myself a better person and use my talents, both intellectually and physically,” he reflected. Over time, Cherry’s perception of success has evolved. From being money-driven as a young professional, he now values time – whether it’s for pursuing his passion for marathons, traveling, or helping others. “Success is a feeling of well-being. It’s about the satisfaction you feel, not just materially, but holistically,” Cherry explained.

In his concluding advice to aspiring attorneys and anyone chasing their definition of success, Cherry emphasized honesty, transparency, and diligent research. He also stressed the importance of networking and maintaining valuable contacts throughout one’s career.

This enlightening interview with Michael Cherry is a testament to his dual contributions to the legal field and personal sporting endeavors. His insights are sure to inspire many on their personal and professional journeys. The full interview can be read here.

About Michael Cherry

A celebrated attorney with a specialty in Family, Juvenile, and Criminal Law, Michael Cherry has been an influential figure in the legal field for several decades. Besides his legal pursuits, Cherry is an avid marathon runner, completing races on almost all continents and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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