5 Things to Remember When Mounting a TV

Published November 9, 2023

Installing a new TV can be an exciting upgrade for your home entertainment. However, properly mounting your TV is key to enjoying the viewing experience. You are better off hiring a professional TV mounting service provider to do the job. However, in some cases and if you are experienced, you can also DIY the project. Here are 5 important things to remember when mounting a TV.

1. Choose the Right Mount

Selecting the proper mount for your TV and wall is crucial. Consider the TV’s size and weight, mounting location, articulation needs, and budget. Heavier models may require reinforced walls and sturdier mounts. Articulating mounts allow swiveling and tilting for ideal viewing angles. Consult manufacturer guidelines to pick the right mount.

2. Mind the Measurements

Precisely measure your TV and desired mounting location first. Check the TV’s VESA pattern, height, and width to ensure compatibility with the mount. Measure the wall area’s dimensions and look for studs. Having accurate measurements guarantees secure installation. Mark the stud centers on the wall clearly.

3. Level It Out

Once the bracket is installed, use a spirit level to ensure the mount is perfectly level. A slightly crooked TV is easily noticeable and can strain viewing. Take time to adjust the mount carefully until completely leveled. This step prevents issues down the road after the TV is mounted.

4. Make Connections Accessible

Before mounting the TV, plan where you’ll route the power cord and other cables. Install power outlets, AV ports, and cable jacks in accessible spots so wires and cords are neatly concealed. If needed, use cable raceways along edges. Tidy cabling maintains clean sightlines and reduces tripping hazards.

5. Follow Safety Steps

TV mounting involves electrical and physical risks. Ensure the mount can bear your TV’s weight load. Switch off power when connecting wires and cords. Follow the manual and manufacturer instructions precisely. If unsure, allow professionals to handle the mounting to guarantee safety and compliance with building codes.

Proper mounting is vital to securely affix your TV while optimizing viewing position. Factoring in the right mount, measurements, leveling, cable management, and safety creates an ideal TV setup. Consider consulting professional TV installers, especially for large or complex configurations. With proper planning and care, your TV mounting project will result in an enjoyable entertainment centerpiece for years to come.

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