4 Tips for Choosing a Gemstone Dealer in Thailand

Published March 1, 2024

Thailand has a rich history in gemstone trading since the 15th century. Bangkok, specifically, is known to be the gem capital of the world, hence, many people travel to Thailand looking for high quality gemstones. Selecting the right gemstone trader is a critical decision, whether you’re a collector, jeweler, or an individual in search of that special gem. Here are four indispensable tips to guide you in choosing a reputable and dependable gemstone trader.

1. Reputation and Reviews

If you are looking for a gemstone trader in Thailand, the reputation of the dealer is an essential factor that you need to prioritize before choosing them. Look for traders who have established a strong standing within the industry using reviews and testimonials from previous customers, and leverage online platforms, forums, and social media for valuable insights into a trader’s reputation. Keep an eye out for trusted supplier tags on e-commerce sites, which signify a trader’s credibility and reliability, especially in the high fashion industry where premium pricing is the norm. 

Authentic customer reviews on these platforms provide genuine perspectives, offering a reliable source of information. Additionally, seek references or referrals from gem enthusiasts, jewelers, or industry professionals, as personal recommendations can provide valuable insights into a trader’s trustworthiness and reliability. 

2. Specialization, Certifications, and Documentation

Selecting a gemstone trader requires careful consideration, and one key aspect is to choose a trader with a specialization aligning with your gemstone preferences. Some traders focus on specific gem varieties, regions, or characteristics, allowing for a more profound understanding of those particular gems. 

Additionally, prioritize traders who provide proper certifications and documentation for their gemstones, as certificates from recognized gemological laboratories enhance the credibility of a gem’s authenticity and quality. Transparency is paramount, so opt for traders who openly share information about the sourcing, treatment (if any), and grading of their gemstones. A reputable trader should willingly provide detailed insights into the gems they offer, ensuring customers have a clear understanding of the gem’s journey from its source to the marketplace.

3. Ethical Sourcing Practices

When choosing a gemstone trader, it’s essential to prioritize ethical considerations. Check whether the trader adheres to ethical sourcing practices, emphasizing commitments to fair trade, environmental sustainability, and responsible mining, particularly for gems like diamonds and rubies. Furthermore, investigate if the trader is a member of industry associations or organizations, as membership can signify a dedication to ethical standards and best practices within the gemstone trade. 

For added assurance, look for gemstone traders with Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certificates specifically from dealers in Thailand. The RJC’s Code of Practices is a pivotal standard for the jewelry supply chain, addressing a comprehensive range of supply chain issues, including business ethics, human rights, and social and environmental performance. By obtaining RJC certification, a gemstone trader demonstrates a clear commitment to responsible business practices, providing customers with confidence in their ethical sourcing and operational standards. There are a lot of gemstone dealers in Thailand who can source the best gemstones from all over the region for you. For example, Veerasak Gems, specializing in sourcing rubies, is one of the few certified gem traders in Thailand that has acquired 3 years of RJC certification.

4. Customer Service and Policies

Evaluating the customer service of a gemstone trader is a crucial aspect of choosing the right dealer. Begin by understanding the accessibility and responsiveness of their customer support to address your queries and concerns effectively. Assess the overall quality of customer service by examining their responsiveness to inquiries, provision of clear information, and assistance throughout the entire purchasing process. 

Additionally, review the trader’s return policy, a key indicator of their commitment to customer satisfaction. A reputable trader should offer a fair return policy, allowing customers to inspect the gem and return it if it falls short of expectations. Ensure the trader stands behind their products by offering a full refund in case of dissatisfaction. A well-structured return policy should provide clear instructions on processing returns and specify any associated restocking fees or costs. Prioritize reliability and honesty by asking detailed questions about the return policy and researching customer reviews to ensure the dealer has consistently honored their commitment to returns and exchanges for previous customers.

After all, each gemstone trader has a unique approach. Take the time to research and select one that aligns with your specific needs and values in the world of gemstones.

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