Catalina Behavioral Health: How To Get Drug And Alcohol Rehab Using Insurance

Published March 7, 2023

Tucson, AZ based Catalina Behavioral Health recently published a series of articles that can help those seeking mental health or addiction treatment in Arizona and the Southwest. These articles highlight some of the best ways of using health insurance to help with the cost of rehab, with the first explaining how insurance coverage works, how it covers rehab and the best ways of verifying insurance benefits. Another article explores the use of PPO insurance for rehab (with Catalina’s admissions team looking into why such policies offer the widest array of treatment options and why they have been looked on favorably by clients in the past). Lastly, Catalina’s final article encourages the community to take a look at MultiPlan insurance and coverage for rehab.

The primary question addressed by Catalina’s first article is whether or not insurance covers substance abuse treatment. “When battling drugs and addiction, seeking treatment is the best option,” says the article. “But with many expensive forms of rehabilitation available, it can be hard to know what is paid for and what isn’t when talking about insurance providers and coverage. With uncertainty looming, it can be difficult to receive the help needed to conquer substance abuse and look ahead to a new, sober life. Does insurance cover rehab? It turns out, the answer is usually yes, but the specifics depend on your policy and insurance provider.”

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of healthcare plans available, and they all offer a range of benefits at different price points — meaning that there is a plan for everyone. The article emphasizes how important it is to understand the finer details of an insurance policy in order to get the most out of the coverage program. The three main types of healthcare plans are HMO, PPO, and POS. HMO requires that the person on the program pick a primary care physician, and any out-of-network specialists are typically not covered outside of emergencies. PPO allows the person on the program to go out of network at an added cost. POS plans allow the person on the plan to visit both in and out-of-network health care providers but require referrals from a primary care physician for specialist coverage. Depending on any given policy’s mental health benefits, they may provide access to certain programs. Catalina also has an article that explains some of the reasons a PPO insurance policy can offer benefits.

Medicaid and Medicare can also be purchased through the health insurance marketplace, like private insurance, and may offer coverage for drug and alcohol dependency treatment. Medicaid is designed to help people below a certain income threshold get the healthcare coverage they need while Medicare is aimed at people over 65 or people with certain disabilities.

Anyone suffering from substance abuse-related issues can get in contact with Catalina to find out what coverage options are available. Catalina has made it its mission to help as many people as possible get access to professional resources in order to beat their alcohol and drug dependency issues. “Substance abuse treatment enables chronic drug users to end their dependence in a supported setting,” says Catalina. “The duration, intensity, and location of drug treatment programs vary widely based on factors such as the type of drug and duration of use. Because drug addiction is a chronic condition marked by relapse, a single session of short-term treatment rarely succeeds. Most clients require a combination of therapies and regular monitoring throughout a lengthy residential treatment plan. At Catalina Behavioral Health, our treatment specialists use a blend of evidence-based practices like behavioral therapy and treatment medications to ensure you get your life back on track.”

Catalina offers a wide range of therapies, and every client’s unique physical and behavioral needs are taken into account when coming up with a treatment program. Some of the therapies available at Catalina include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, biofeedback treatment, and more.

Clients may get in touch with Catalina Behavioral Health to learn about treatment centers that accept MultiPlan insurance coverage. They aim to help everyone address their substance abuse issues, and they are always ready and willing to help people locate the resources they need to begin or continue their journey to sobriety. Their facility welcomes all calls about Admissions and bed availability, and also maintains a robust web and social media presence.


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