CarGuard Administration Prepares Car Buyers For 2023

Published January 3, 2023

Phoenix, Arizona, United States - 01-03-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

Auto manufacturing in the United States is a vibrant industry. Automakers in the country are always working hard to ensure their manufacturing plants produce enough vehicles to meet domestic demand. 

There has recently been a global shortage of chips used in auto manufacturing, so the output has been low in many auto plants. Manufacturers have had to find temporary solutions, but many are now thinking of making those temporary solutions permanent. 

According to CarGuard Administration, consumers expect production to go back to normal in 2023 and prices to drop considerably, but this may not come to pass. 

Current State of Auto Manufacturing

According to Cox Automotive, the average number of days it takes to deliver a new vehicle to customers has risen by 20 days. This is considerably longer compared to the same period in 2021. 

Secondly, new car supplies in November 2022 were 56% lower than in the same period in 2021. The average car cost also rose to $48,281 in the same period, leading to a record-high monthly payment of $748. 

Protect Your Car

As the cost of buying new vehicles continues to increase, consumers need to learn how to protect these vehicles. While every new vehicle may come with a manufacturer warranty, they must also have a comprehensive insurance policy. 

However, more is needed because gaps in coverage still exist. The best way to fill those gaps is to purchase a vehicle protection plan. This is an independent contract with a third party to service and repair your vehicle and replace worn-out parts. 

CarGuard Administration is an industry leader in the auto service contracts industry. The company has some of the best vehicle protection plans. 

The company takes a customer-centric approach to its relationships, so you can be assured of getting the best customer service. CarGuard Administration offers the following vehicle protection plans to meet the needs of different types of clients:

Platinum Plan

This vehicle protection plan covers the engine, transmission, gaskets, suspension, steering, front and rear axles, cooling system, A/C, brake components, electrical components, transfer case, and turbo supercharge. 

It covers most parts that are known to wear out fast in cars. Be sure to read the contract terms and conditions before you sign up for the plan. 

Gold Plan

This is similar to the platinum plan, except that it does not cover seals and gaskets. Be sure to check your contract for a complete list of components that are covered under the gold plan. This will help to ensure you are satisfied in the future. 

Powertrain Plan

If you are only concerned about your vehicle's powertrain, be sure to buy the powertrain plan, which covers the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axles, and turbo supercharge. This plan is affordable, but it covers parts known to malfunction frequently. 

Bonus Services

After choosing a suitable vehicle protection plan from CarGuard Administration, you can have peace of mind when driving your vehicle. You can always call the company for roadside assistance when your vehicle breaks down. 

CarGuard Administration has local partners throughout the country, so a response team is only a phone call away. Secondly, the company will provide you with a rental car as your vehicle is getting fixed. This helps to ensure you do not experience any downtimes.

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