Canadian Company Think Meta Enters the American Market

Published January 27, 2023

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - January 27, 2023) - Think Meta, an international coaching platform for coaches and entrepreneurs, has announced its expansion to the United States as of November 2022. The company has grown exponentially since its founding in 2018 and brings in $30 million per year, with over 50,000 clients worldwide.

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Misha Saidov

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Founder and CEO of Think Meta, Misha Saidov, who is also the founder of IMCP (Institute of Metacognitive Programming), created THE CATALYST program for new and established coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners. "This is the only program that creates coaches capable of guiding businesses through all the times when they are desperately fighting for their growth," he says. "The Catalyst is for business coaches who want to coach the leaders of small businesses from 30 thousand to 30 million dollars with 3 to 250 people or business owners who have burned out and are choking on the load."

Misha notes that his company is seeing a growing number of people looking for leaders who can support their growth and development. 

"I think one of the distinguishing features of our company's coaching and all the coaches we certify is that we are the product of our products. Before we teach and train others, we make sure that we have done the work ourselves. Therefore, instead of training based on someone else's information, we train based on our own experience," says Misha.

Honing its training program for US clients has been a rewarding task for the Think Meta team, and Misha is confident in his team's ability to continue growth through the company's expansion. "Our training program is structured according to the principle of a coaching square, meaning that it includes all the components for successful adult education (i.e., it includes personal transformation and working and exchanging knowledge with a group of equals, mentors, and heroes). Also, those that underwent our training say the material is absorbed easily and intuitively," he says. "We feel that our past success with our program, plus the current growth of the coaching market, makes this the ideal time to move forward with the company's expansion."

Clients across the US will now have access to the Think Meta coaching program, in which they gain access to the MCP (Metacognitive Programming), a unique coaching technique and specific coaching tools exclusive to Think Meta.

The MCP modality focuses on understanding current cognition and switches unsuccessful cognitive programs to those that serve people better in achieving desired outcomes. MCP is based on the idea that behavior results directly from thinking.

Think Meta is a mental health and life performance management platform based in Toronto, Canada, now also serving the US. The company connects clients to coaches, therapists, and physicians utilizing the latest research in neuroscience, bio-medicine, and psychology.

Contact: Misha Saidov

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