Brand Published Launches Reseller Program for PR Agencies and Freelancers

Published February 13, 2023

02-13-2023 / Brand Published /

Brand Published, a leading provider of PR services and digital journal publishing, is proud to announce the launch of its PR Reseller Program. The program offers PR agencies and freelancers the opportunity to publish their clients’ press releases on some of the most reputable news sites, including Google News and a range of premium news sites in different industries.

With the PR Reseller Program, PR agencies and freelancers can easily publish press releases on Digital Journal, a Google News approved news site, with 458 million monthly visitors. The program starts at just $49 for a single PR article and offers volume pricing packages for those looking for better value. PR agencies and freelancers can choose from the Curry Network, Franky Network, or Sammy Network, each of which offers a different range of premium news sites in different industries.

The Curry Network is a popular network of over 150 news sites, including newspaper sites, industry journals, and more. The Franky Network is a premium network with 25+ television and radio news sites, while the Sammy Network is a powerful network of 8+ multinational telecom news sites.

Each network offers a range of options for PR agencies and freelancers, including single PR articles, reseller pricing, and subscribe and save options. The reseller pricing options allow PR agencies and freelancers to purchase PR articles in bulk, starting at $400 for 10 articles, while the subscribe and save options provide PR agencies and freelancers with the opportunity to save money by committing to a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.

Brand Published is excited to introduce the PR Reseller Program, aimed at simplifying and reducing the cost of getting published on Google News and various premium news sites for PR agencies and freelancers. The program's purpose is to aid PR agencies and freelancers in broadening their audience and improving their online presence while offering excellent value.

For more information on the PR Reseller Program, visit Brand Published’s website at To get started, simply select the network that best suits your needs and follow the easy steps to get published.

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