Brampton Criminal Lawyer For Aggravated Assault Defendants, Service Update

Published April 5, 2023

The latest launch extends the firm's expertise to both youth and adult clients facing trial for violent crimes in the Brampton, ON area. William Jaksa and his team have over 15 years of experience in dealing with these types of cases and bring an innate understanding of citizens' rights and the correct operational protocols of law enforcement authorities.

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A recent statement from the firm underlines its commitment to ensuring clients receive a fair hearing and are afforded the full protection of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The firm advocates for a swift response as soon as any form of charge is brought. This allows the team to assemble a comprehensive case for the defence - including identifying and preparing key witnesses, establishing mitigating circumstances, and holding the authorities to account for any abuses of process.

With decades worth of experience in aggravated assault cases, Mr. Jaksa acts quickly to review the evidence and is adept at building a credible case for reduced custodial sentences. Clients who have acted in self-defence, in defence of another, to protect property, or have committed a crime due to a reasonable reflexive action can be hopeful of proving the use of reasonable force to a jury.

In recent years, the definition of assault has been expanded to include acts like pretending to throw a punch, poking someone, or gently shoving another person. This extends to words or acts that can reasonably be interpreted as a threat of force. Mr. Jaksa ensures that in such cases, the burden of proof rests with the Crown and that intentionality is proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

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A spokesperson says, "The law allows every person to use reasonable force to defend themselves. That force must be reasonable in the circumstances. There are many factors that the court will analyze when trying to determine if the force used was reasonable. If you have been charged because you have defended yourself, your assault lawyer from Toronto, William Jaksa, will help prove your innocence."

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