blueHUT MEDIA Partners With BULLZ Creator Marketplace To Scale Web3 Projects To Web2 Audience

Published March 22, 2023

Singapore, BULLZ, the web3 social platform and growth marketing leader, announced today its partnership with blueHUT MEDIA, the social and paid media marketing agency for web3 and blockchain projects.
The marketing partnership will provide blueHUT MEDIA and its portfolio of web3 projects spanning more than ten countries, with the MarTech tooling to collaborate with established web3 influencers (30m+), as well as regular user-generated content creators on the BULLZ platform, in order to reach and onboard web2 educated audiences with cost-effective video content.
The BULLZ app, which is available on both mobile and desktop, helps web3 projects grow faster by tapping into existing creator communities. It also simplifies the content creation process by providing on demand access to creator content that can serve as anything from explainers for onboarding tutorials to drive user acquisition, through to informative videos about a project and its roadmap, to spread education and awareness. The content can also be repurposed and used as social proof to feature on websites and in marketing campaigns.
blueHUT MEDIA helps all types of web3 projects, including: GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs and more, to acquire audiences and market their products. blueHUT MEDIA achieves this by partnering with market-shaping technologies to deliver its Web 3.0³ Scaling System that combines social media operations and optimization, paid media and media buying, and additional marketing activities, such as influencer outreach and PR.
Through blueHUT MEDIA’s partnership with BULLZ, the agency and its clients will gain access to the full suite of BULLZs MarTech tools, including the BULLZ Campaign Manager and BULLZ Challenge Launchpad, to manage client campaigns and gain creative insight into what trends and how creators carve brand narratives.
blueHUT MEDIA will help its clients plan and develop campaigns to launch onto the BULLZ app using the BULLZ Campaign Manager. Creators can then discover the projects, see the details and decide whether to support them by creating a video in order to earn rewards. All creator rewards are powered by the WOM Protocol integration.
For further distribution and rewards, creators can also share their videos with their wider social communities on platforms including Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Projects that have already successfully launched creator campaigns include: ROCKI, EuroReels, SDAO, MEXC, Fidlecoin, DOEX, Ethermail, GIFTO, Jigstack, Mad Metaverse and more.
blueHUT MEDIA will additionally use the BULLZ Challenge Launchpad to airdrop NFTs and tokens for its projects as rewards for community participation.
Melanie Mohr, Founder and CEO of BULLZ and WOM Protocol, said: “This is an agency that’s going in guns blazing to bring mass growth to the web3 space by converting web2 audiences. They understand the art of reaching and educating non-crypto natives and work with technology partners, such as BULLZ, to put the science behind their clients’ content marketing campaigns.”
blueHUT MEDIA is joining a powerful network of web3 agencies, incubators, market makers and exchange partners that are utilizing the innovative BULLZ MarTech tools, including: 8.Finance, Catalyze, Metawise, BR Group, TDeFi, Listing Guru, Enjinstarter, DSRPTD, BlockCzech to name a few.
Benjamin Sullivan, founder & CEO of blueHUT MEDIA, said: “The web3 space changes so quickly our clients need to keep up with the most effective marketing methods and technologies. By partnering with BULLZ we have just enhanced our client offering with on demand user-generated video content from web3 influencers and creators.”

BULLZ is a dedicated app for discovering authentic blockchain and crypto-related recommendations. With the “create to earn” model, users are rewarded with WOM Tokens for their authentic recommendations directly within the app. For more information:

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blueHUT MEDIA is a growth partner and advertising agency for all types of Web3 projects, including: GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs and more. The Web 3.0 space is starved of new technology to acquire audiences and market their product. blueHUT MEDIA, however, creates and partners with market-shaping technologies to utilise blockchain data, communities and social media algorithmic analysis, to grow the following of its partners exponentially. They are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and helping their clients succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive online environment. For more information:

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