Blublu Art Space Hosts Extraordinary Exhibition: “Resonant Voice of the Soul” Showcases Innovative Works of Contemporary Artists

Published April 13, 2023

In the heart of New York City, Blublu Art Space hosted an extraordinary exhibition that captured the imagination of art enthusiasts and curious minds alike. "Resonant Voice of the Soul" showcased the works of an eclectic group of talented artists, including Seeun An, Tianqi Chen, Xinyun Chen, Cherina Cheng, Minseok Kang, Lizhang Li, Joss Liao, Hanx Liu, Shwetlana Mehta, Zhexing Zhang, Xuanyi Aura Wang, Erika Xiang, Zhiyu You, Zekai Zhang, and Mosa Zhao. Curated by Hanx Liu and Cherina Cheng, the exhibition offered a harmonious yet diverse collection of contemporary artworks spanning various mediums, styles, and themes.

Exhibition Poster, Designed by Adam Chen

This carefully curated event brought together a remarkable group of artists from around the globe, each presenting their unique perspectives on identity, culture, and the human experience. The exhibition inspired, challenged, and provoked, offering an unforgettable journey through a robust collection of thought-provoking art. From political themes to personal struggles, the featured works evoked a sense of connection and resonance with the viewer.

In the exhibition, a couple of artworks caught people’s eyes. Hanx Liu's work, characterized by a fearless exploration of contemporary issues, transcends conventional artistic boundaries to offer a fresh perspective. Employing diverse media such as sumi ink, gel transfer, and mixed media, Liu crafts abstract and thought-provoking pieces that delve into political themes and social commentary. A prime example, "Long Live" (2022), intertwines soft-brush calligraphy, hard-brush calligraphy, and gel transfer images to create a complex interplay between different temporal dimensions. At its core, the piece serves as a cautionary tale, reminding viewers of the inherent risks associated with absolute power and the potential for even the most revered individuals to suffer a precipitous fall from grace. Hanx Liu's distinctive artistic approach, which melds traditional techniques with contemporary themes, fosters a rich and engaging visual experience that encourages viewers to confront the complexities of the world around them.

Joss Liao, a talented glass artist with a multicultural background, brings a unique perspective to their art by drawing from their experiences as a Chinese woman, bilingual creative, and chronic trauma survivor. Their recent series, "Poetic Encounters," exemplifies their commitment to embracing vulnerability and healing through the creative process. Birthed from a daily practice of unstructured, process-based oil pastel drawings, Liao's work invites viewers to traverse a labyrinth of metaphors, ultimately guiding them on their own personal journeys of recovery, rebirth, and self-discovery. Pieces such as "Cocoon Sun," "Floral Pineapple," "Jungle," "Landscape Alien," "Like a moth darts into the Flames," "Sunrise," "The lost performer," and "Thunderstorm" showcase Liao's ability to capture the essence of fleeting moments, transforming them into visual poetry that resonates with audiences. This captivating series not only serves as a testament to Joss Liao's artistic prowess but also as a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of life.

Tianqi Chen, an award-winning illustrator hailing from China, currently resides in New York, where he has honed his unique style by bridging Eastern and Western art forms. Drawing from the experiences of his artistic upbringing, Tianqi's work is imbued with a rich narrative quality that brings the stories behind his characters to life. One such example is his 2022 acrylic on canvas piece, "The New Emperor," which employs subtle metaphors to comment on the state of China's leadership. In "Central Park," Chen captures the essence of New York's beating heart, offering a glimpse into the fleeting moments of joy that punctuate everyday life. Lastly, "Personal Battle," rendered in pen and ink and digital media, offers an introspective look at the artist's struggle with procrastination. Through his mastery of diverse mediums and themes, Tianqi Chen's work invites viewers to explore the world through his eyes.

Zekai Zhang, a multifaceted sculptor with a unique blend of engineering and fine art backgrounds, pushes the boundaries of artistic practice by incorporating advanced technology into his work. Zhang's sculptures not only embody his forward-thinking vision of the future but also challenge the traditional role of sculpture as a decorative art form, advocating for the integration of functionality. His 2021 "Chandelier" light installation, for example, masterfully utilizes light and shadow to create a transcendent atmosphere that evokes feelings of purity and tranquility. Meanwhile, his ongoing "human enhance plan" series, such as the "Exoskeleton" and "Carbon Fiber Test Sword," showcases his innovative approach to art-making by exploring the potential of advanced materials and technologies in empowering and protecting humans in extreme environments.

Zhexing Shang, an emerging talent with a BFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts, delves into the realm of the subconscious, revealing often overlooked facets of our world through his intricate graphite drawings. Drawing inspiration from Japanese manga and surrealism, Shang's mesmerizing compositions captivate viewers with their astonishing attention to detail and complex layering. His untitled works from 2021 and 2022 challenge traditional notions of form and space, inviting the audience to ponder the myriad factors that construct our perception of reality. As an artist who skillfully wields graphite to manifest a self-consistent environment, Shang's creations are a testament to his dedication to exploring the boundaries of visual language and memory.

SeEun An, a South Korean artist, excels in weaving intricate narratives within a self-created universe, meticulously designing the lives, relationships, and aesthetics of its inhabitants. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as film, animation, music, fragrance, and literature, An's works "City of Rats" and "Living a Happier Life" showcase her ability to intertwine story, emotion, and inspiration through a harmonious interplay of acrylic and colored pencils on cardboard. An's intricate depictions of her imagined world invites viewers to immerse themselves in the vivid colors and rich stories that emanate from her brush.

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"Resonant Voice of the Soul" was a testament to the power of art as a means of self-expression, exploration, and connection. Each participating artist brought their unique voice, style, and perspective to the exhibition, inviting the audience to journey through a rich tapestry of emotion, experience, and culture. As the viewer navigated through the works on display, they were encouraged to reflect on their own perceptions of identity and the world around them.

The exhibition's opening reception took place on October 28th from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM at ArtSpace Gallery, located at 508 W 26 St, Suite 315, New York, NY 10001. The exhibition ran until October 30th, 2022, offering visitors a limited yet immersive experience of the artists' works. It was an abusolute unique opportunity to witness the creative expressions of these talented artists and immerse themselves in the resonant voice of the soul.

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