Unlock Dual Ownership: Real World and Metaverse with RWI Token!

Published June 17, 2023

About RWI

Bucharest, Romania — RWI Token is an innovative initiative that aims to bridge the gap between the physical world and the metaverse, offering users a unique opportunity to own properties in both domains and engage in cryptocurrency transactions. This pioneering project introduces a deflationary token, opening doors to exciting possibilities.

With a long-term vision of developing large-scale real estate projects worldwide, RWI Token envisions a future where the metaverse and the physical world seamlessly merge into a multiverse. Through this integration, real estate projects will mirror each other on a 1-to-1 basis in the metaverse, revolutionizing the way individuals interact with virtual and tangible properties.

One notable undertaking is the “mega outlet smart city,” which not only incorporates cutting-edge green energy facilities but also generates passive income for property owners in both realms.

NFT and token of RWI

The RWI Token also functions as a utility token within the blockchain ecosystem, serving as a means of transaction and facilitating the purchase of real products and properties. Holders of RWI Tokens can take advantage of this functionality to acquire tangible assets and enjoy the benefits of seamless transactions within the RWI Token ecosystem.

To support its business development and ensure a controlled release of tokens, the company will gradually distribute the reserved tokens over time. Tokens will be unlocked in periodic intervals of 12 or 24 months, with equal monthly distributions until the subsequent release. This approach ensures a sustainable growth trajectory for the project while providing opportunities for token holders to participate in the development and success of RWI Token.

Ultimately, the overarching goal of RWI Token is to create a world where participants in the cryptocurrency space can benefit from cutting-edge technology and innovative opportunities. By combining the realms of real estate, metaverse, and blockchain, RWI Token opens doors to new possibilities, revolutionizing the way people engage with and profit from the digital and physical worlds.

The main goals of project

The main goal of the RWI Token project is to drive collaborative efforts in developing large-scale projects that span both the Metaverse and the real world within the next 6-8 years. This ambitious objective encompasses the creation of a cutting-edge smart city, featuring a diverse range of apartment types, including 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units, as well as luxurious penthouses. What sets this project apart is that each of these properties will have an exact 1-to-1 representation within the immersive Metaverse.

Within the smart city, additional spaces such as outlets and a food court will be available for rent or sale. However, there is a unique twist to these rental agreements. Tenants who occupy these spaces will be obliged to conduct their business activities exclusively within the virtual realm. This mutually beneficial arrangement ensures the thriving growth and vibrancy of the Metaverse, while providing an attractive proposition for potential tenants and participants.

The advantages and benefits of the RWI Token project extend to all stakeholders, particularly token holders. The benefits derived from the project will be directly proportional to the percentage of RWI Tokens purchased and owned by individuals. Token holders stand to gain from multiple sources, including the profits generated from real estate sales within the Metaverse, the rental income generated from virtual properties, the appreciating value of NFTs linked to the project, and engagement with the associated gaming component.

By embracing the fusion of the Metaverse and the real world, the RWI Token project aims to revolutionize the way individuals interact with and benefit from digital and physical assets. Through this visionary approach, the project opens up vast opportunities for growth, innovation, and financial rewards, ensuring a dynamic and mutually rewarding experience for all participants involved.

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Email: office@rwitoken.com

Contact CEO – Claudiu Nedu

COO/CTO – Alexandru Filip

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