Umrah Travel Guide for Solo Female Pilgrims?

Published May 24, 2024

Reflecting a progressive far off in its rich history, Saudi Arabia the latest development in gentleness restrictions on solo female travelers has started in a wave of transformative changes. CheapUmrahPackages provides Umrah packages for solo female pilgrims you can perform Umrah without Mahrram. The spiritual journey of performing Umrah independently without a Mahrram which now more than ever, women can experience. You too can possession this blessed opportunity, with the right knowledge and Umrah preparation. From safe securing an Umrah visa, to booking your hotel, preparing for Umrah, and many more – this comprehensive guide aims to assist you in every step of your journey. To make sure a smooth, spiritually enriching Umrah experience let’s delve into the detailed world of Umrah travel, prepared especially for solo female pilgrims.

Booking Information and Visa

The first step in preparing for your Umrah journey understanding the visa process is an important. With Ramadan Umrah packages the CheapUmrahPackages providing a seamless application process, the latest introduction of Saudi Arabia’s E- Visa system has made this aspect much simpler. Allowing tourists to stay in the country for up to 90 days, the E-Visa provides a one year, multiple – entry permit. But does not cover pursuits like studying its ideal for tourism activities such as celebrations, family visits, entertainment, and Umrah (excluding hajj). Furthermore, international visitors from 63 entitled countries can effortlessly apply for this E-Visa through the user-friendly online portal. You can check out our post here for more information on Saudi visas. To find out the eligibility and application process follow through you will be able. Here is a walkthrough of the process.

For UK, US, or EU citizens and enduring residents inhabitant

· E-Visa online, Visa on Arrival, Visa through packages , and Transit or stopover visa 4 visa options are available

· E-Visa price: refer to the CheapUmrahPackages website for accurate pricing

· subject to change : Application fee

· subject to change : medical insurance fee

· Multiple entry: entry

· Validity: allows for stays of up to 90 days and the multiple- entry visa is valid for a year from its issue date 

· Out of reach your intended entry date into Saudi Arabia passport should be valid for at least six months

For GCC residents inhabitant

· E-Visa online, Visa through packages, Transit or Stopover Visa like 3 visa options are available

· E-Visa price : refer the CheapUmrahPackages website for accurate pricing

· subject to change : application fee

· not included price resolution based on the supplier : medical insurance fees

· Entry: multiple entry or single entry depending on the ministry of foreign Matters.

· allows for stays of up to 90 days and the multiple-entry visa is valid for a year from its issue date: validity

For non- GCC residents inhabitant and residents outside UK, US, or EU

· The E-Visa option they do not have. Authorized visa offices, embassy or consulate, and transit or stopover visa available options are visa through packages.

We can assist in arranging it for you while CheapUmrahPackages does not directly offer visa services. However get in touch with us today.

Download the app on your iPhone, Android, or Huawei device to book your Umrah visa, Rawdah visits, and Ziyarah appointments.

Your All- in-one Umrah journey with CheapUmrahPackages.

It’s time to move on to the exciting part- booking your journey once you have received your E-Visa for Umrah. CheapUmrahPackages offer comprehensive 10 nights 4 Star Umrah package covering your hotels, flights, and transfers. Include Madinah in your spiritual journey or tailor your trip by deciding whether to visit just mecca. About on the best time to visit mecca and Madinah check out our blog.

Hotels: however, if you seek the magnificence of a 5- star hotel, the comfort of a 4- star stay, or the affordability of 3- star accommodation, our curated options make sure you find the perfect resting place during your pilgrimage.

Flights: As it’s the primary gateway and closest to reaching mecca, for pilgrims traveling by air, we recommend booking a flight to Jeddah international Airport. We guarantee a smooth travel experience to and from the sacred places, with our wide network of flight partnerships.

Transfers: during your trip say goodbye to the hassle of finding transport. Make sure a seamless transition from one place to another it is our airport transfer, intercity transfer and local transfer services.

Our goal is to offer tailored packages that suit individual preferences every pilgrim’s need is unique. But you also secure the best deals available, with CheapUmrahPackages not only do you get everything under one roof. Book your Umrah package today unlock massive savings with our best deals.

Near Masjid Al- Haram Best Hotel for Female Solo Travelers

Your comfort is key, traveling solo means. It is recommended to book accommodations close to masjid al- haram, to make sure a comfortable, enriching, and hassle-free experience. That offer an inspiring Kaaba view the ideal choice would be hotels. You would not have to worry about commuting back and forth the added advantages of proximity means. Allowing you more time to focus on your spiritual journey, this makes them perfect for you as a solo traveler.

Near Masjid Al Haram with Kaaba View the Top 5 Hotels

· Fairmont Mecca Clock Royal Tower

· Jabal Omar Marriott Hotel Mecca

· Raffles Mecca Palace Hotel

· Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental

· Hilton Suites Mecca

You can check out our post here, for more information on these hotels.

Near Al- Masjid an- Nabvi in Madinah the Top 5 Hotels

· The Oberoi Madinah

· Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Hotel

· Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah

· Shahd Al Madinah

· Pullman Zamzam Madinah

Check out our post best 10 restaurants in mecca looking for the best places to eat in Makkah.

For Ladies Umrah Preparation

It’s time to prepare yourself for the sacred journey ahead once visa and booking details are sorted.

Umrah Packing Essentials

That here’s an early list of necessity to pack packing for Umrah is needed cautious thinking.

· ihram clothing

· travel documents

· extra clothes

· personal hygiene products

· medication and first aid

· comfortable footwear

· extra hijabs

· accessories and electronic devices

Ensuring you are perfectly prepared for the pilgrimage to help you cover every detail, read our Umrah packing checklist blog.

Keeping Documents handy

Such as passport, ID, visa print-out, and hotel reservation handy always keep your documents. During your travel and it can save a lot of time and hassle.

Plan before Departure

Make sure all preparations are finalized before setting off. Keep copies of your visa documents readily accessible and consider an early check-in for your flight, double – check your hotel’s check-in and check -out schedules. Feel free to reach us via what Sapp, should any issues arise or if you have last-minute inquiries. Make sure your Umrah journey goes smoothly and we are here to assist.

10 essential Tips for Solo Female Pilgrims Performing Umrah

An unforgettable experience and performing Umrah is a blessings. It certain specifics need to be taken into account, for ladies, apart from the general rituals.

1. No Needed Mahrram: that female travelers can now enter the kingdom without the accompaniment of a Mahrram the Saudi Arabian government has decreed.  

2. Ihram Clothing: your ihram can consist of loose, as a woman, modest clothing in line with Islamic guidelines. To make sure you have a spare pack at least two sets of ihram. Which you will be wearing it throughout your journey, choose for lightweight and breathable fabric.

3. The Ihram Wearing: if you traveling by air wear your ihram at the airport prior to departure. It on before crossing the designated Miqat make sure to put. Before leaving home make sure to do Ghusl.

4. The Umrah Rituals performing: All procedures remain the same for both genders, from performing Tawaf around the Kaaba, completing Sa’i between Safa and Marwah, to shortening the hair. While performing Umrah – Guide to Umrah Dua, Supplications, and Adhkar here’s a list of Duas you can recite. For first- time pilgrims here watch the step-by-step Umrah rituals.

5. Prayer Place: choose less crowded areas, but for peace and comfort women can pray anywhere in the masjid al- haram. For women there are even designated sections.

6. Secure Your Equipment: in a safe place while performing Umrah keep your valuable equipment. Extra cash in the safety vault provided by the hotel and you can keep your passport.

7. Stay Hydrated: you fill it in with Zamzam water at the masjid and you can take away a vacant disposable water bottle along with you. While performing Umrah keep hydrating yourself.

8. Stay Connected: to stay connected carry a local sim card. So inform people about your travel plans many remote areas may not have coverage.

9. Get Your Rawdah Permit: make sure to book your appointment on the CheapUmrahPackages app prior to your visit to Rawdah Sharif, if you are planning to visit Madinah after Umrah.

10. Spiritual preparedness: soul for this beautiful spiritual journey and the most essential tip is to prepare your mind, body. Keep the spirit alive and read ahead to know how you can have a meaningful Umrah.


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