Tzvi Odzer On the Rewards of Business Ownership

Published August 21, 2023

Tzvi Odzer knows that many people dream of owning a business for a variety of reasons. However, despite their own personal reasons, there are often universal rewards of being a successful business owner as well. These rewards or benefits are things that nearly every successful business owner experiences. If you are in the depths of starting up your own business, it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Learning the rewards and focusing on those rewards after a long, hard day can help to gather the strength and positivity that may need to pull the business through.

You Have Independence

The choices you make have a direct impact on whether the business thrives or fails. This is not a level of freedom regular employees have. A business can go out of business despite an employee pouring their heart into their job. Even the best employees can be fired simply because the business merged with another company or because they were late for work one too many times because of things going on out of their own control. There are no things that will impact while running and operating your own business, it will give the  independence of a boss.

Creating the Lifestyle You Want

Tzvi Odzer states that another huge benefit is that one can create the lifestyle that he/she wants. Do you want to work hard for 11 months out of the year and then take a month-long vacation? It is possible to  make it happen. Do you want to work four days a week and spend three days with the kids? You can work hard and make that a goal. When it comes to creating a lifestyle, it can be limited while working for an employer. They have control over how many hours a week employees need to work, what days they work, and even when they can and cannot use their vacation days. Many people find that type of life monotonous and boring, and quite honestly, it does not suit every person. Owning a business can give the lifestyle you are after, regardless of what lifestyle that is.

Reaping the Financial Rewards of Work

The benefit of reaping the financial rewards of hard work. If an employee works for an employer, he/she may get paid the same amount, regardless of the contribution for the company. Or, if the employee does receive a commission for the work, it is only a percentage of the amount that the company receives. If you work hard and make a ton of sales, this is for yourself and the company. It is not about helping someone else grow their business and achieve their financial goals. It is about doing it for yourself, and there is a lot to be said about this. Many employees are complaining about stagnant wages and a lack of bonuses and wage increases. It is possible to increase wages by working harder when someone owns a business.

Grow and Learn On a Personal Level

Growing and learning on a personal level. Many people work the same job day in and day out. There is a lot of monotony and little growth. However, many people have to do this to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. When you own a business, there are lots of  new experiences and learning in the process. While some days may be harder than other days, at least each day brings with it something different. Your mind is always working, trying to solve new problems, learning new ways to expand the business, and finding new ways to satisfy the customers.

Full Control Over Your Business and Its Trajectory

One of the lesser-known rewards is having full control over your business and business’s trajectory. Everyone has their own ideas as to what can be done to help a business increase its customer base and thrive. However, as an employee, the boss or the owner may not see things the way the employee does. New ideas may be frowned upon or dismissed. It may give a bitter feeling that you are not heard and ideas are not valued. However, every idea has value. An owner can control the business and the trajectory, which is a huge perk.

Helping Others

The products or services that you are offering are beneficial to the customers or clients in some way. In some cases, the products or services being offered may be life-altering. For example, if someone is manufacturing a medical device that helps people with illnesses or injuries they may have. However, even if the business is not life-altering to people, it provides them with something. For example, fast food may not alter someone’s life, but it can help a single mom ensure her kids are fed after a long and stressful day. Knowing that you are helping others out and providing them with a service or product they need simply feels good and rewarding.

Increased Personal Satisfaction

Tzvi Odzer goes on to explain that every journey is unique. Some people have had multiple failed business ventures before a business idea sticks, while other people have a much smoother path. However, regardless of what path the journey has led you on, the rewards of owning a successful business are often universal. Successful business owners often enjoy the same perks, including having independence, getting to build the life they want, reaping the financial benefits of their hard work, growing and learning on a personal level, having full control over a company, helping others, and experiencing an increased level of personal satisfaction and happiness. While starting a business can be hard and tedious, the benefits when the business starts to earn money and becomes successful can be well worth the blood, sweat, and tears that you have poured into the business.

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