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Published May 15, 2023

Cheap low Cost India Windows VPS Server Hosting Provider featuring NVME SSD, KVM virtualized, unmetered bandwidth with IP based at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

Delhi, Delhi, India, 15th May 2023, King NewsWireWindows Server is an operating system designed for enterprise-level data management and storage, but Microsoft also offers customized versions tailored for home and small business use.

Windows Server Operating System is an enterprise-class server OS designed for multi-user services, offering comprehensive control over data storage, applications and shared networks. Furthermore, these systems include various tools IT teams can utilize daily for things such as configuration management and performance monitoring.


Microsoft is best known for their Windows computer operating system, but they also produce Windows Server OS to cater to network usage. Windows Server OS features more functionality for business users as well as network management and security functions. Operating it requires additional hardware than consumer systems while featuring its own unique graphical user interface compared with that of desktop Windows versions.

Windows NT was introduced as an operating system in 1993 under its brand name, designed to provide corporate networks with speed, stability and security they required. It replaced expensive RISC processors used by Unix systems while being capable of running on cheaper x86 computers.

This server operating system pioneered the ability for computers to serve as domain controllers and manage user authentication, as well as offering enhanced DHCP capabilities that enabled businesses to manage IP address allocation for their computers rather than leaving this task up to their home routers. Additionally, a Hardware Abstraction Layer prevented applications from having direct access to physical components.

Windows Server OS introduced new networking features with every successive version. Windows Server 2008 R2 focused on virtualization by consolidating Hyper-V virtualization technology progress into one package. In addition, this release provided a new file system and implemented a rewritten networking stack; other improvements included management, storage and virtual desktop infrastructure enhancements.

The 2012 R2 update made hybrid networking simpler by enabling systems to operate in both physical and cloud environments, along with numerous network enhancements like improved remote access software and the addition of Linux-based containers alongside native Windows services.

Windows Server 2022, Microsoft’s latest server OS release, builds upon previous iterations in terms of network improvements. It includes new scalability features to accommodate more connections to the network while increasing security features to combat ever-evolving cyber threats – from advanced attacks such as data breaches to more common scenarios like DDoS attacks.


Server environments are the target of cyber attacks and data breaches. Administrators should implement best practices and utilize server security tools in order to safeguard their business against these threats. Windows Server Operating System comes equipped with built-in features for enhanced security such as firewalls, application control, virtualization and more; while having an effective backup plan reduces risks of data loss.

Windows Server is an enterprise-class server operating system designed to deliver multiuser services and give extensive control of data storage, applications, and shared networks. It’s the ideal solution for businesses that place an emphasis on security or require customer support services and depend solely on Microsoft services and applications.

Windows Server may resemble home editions of the OS graphically, but it lacks many of the applications that make using desktop PCs more streamlined and functional, like Cortana or Edge. This lack of consumer applications aims to increase security by making it harder for malicious actors to gain entry to. Furthermore, software preinstalled on Windows Server is tailored specifically for administrator use with specific functionality designed to meet business requirements.

As soon as it was introduced, Windows Server Operating System has been enhanced with numerous security features and capabilities, such as AppLocker which enables administrators to restrict software installation by creating and using a catalog file with allowed applications based on publisher, path, hash version etc. Device Guard adds further control by allowing administrators to create GPOs which restrict certain binaries from running on networks.

Windows Server 2000

Windows 2000 Server Operating System can be used for running applications, network services and desktops. There are four editions: Professional Server Edition; Server; Advanced Server and Datacenter Server editions are also available.

Windows 2000 provides greater support for mobile use and has an intuitive graphical user interface similar to that found on desktop versions of Microsoft Windows NT. Furthermore, this product was created to offer greater security and reliability.

Microsoft also introduced a new kernel mode that prevents user programs from accessing areas of the system that are reserved for executives, support for POSIX environment subsystems and several enhancements – such as dynamic disk features that allow disks to be joined together into software RAID arrays; 4 GB Tuning (4GT) technology which increases memory performance on 32-bit Intel systems, as well as minidump features to dump 64 KB of memory to disk – known as minidump features.

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft introduced a backup feature in Windows Server 2003 that allows it to back up open files. This functionality utilizes Microsoft Management Console (MMC), an integrated user interface combining different Windows subsystems into one common framework.

Microsoft also enhanced scalability support in this version, adding features such as a Static Resource Affinity Table that defines NUMA topologies to optimize memory accesses and Non-Uniform Memory Access to enable applications to limit processor and memory usage per-application. Windows Server 2003 comes in Standard and Datacenter Editions; with Datacenter being designed specifically for infrastructures requiring maximum security and reliability.

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is one of the most widely-used versions of Microsoft’s server OS. It provides a user-friendly interface, making it easier for nontechnical users to get up and running quickly on the server. Furthermore, wizards help administrators perform various tasks, such as sharing a hard disk.

The server, built upon Windows 7 kernel technology, boasts increased scalability and availability as well as support for up to 256 logical processors. Furthermore, its OS features enhanced Active Directory features as well as Terminal Services rebranding services.

It also introduces a novel method of installing and managing roles on a server, and introduces an update model which distributes security and quality updates as two packages each month.

Administrators can install only what is necessary, thus lowering risk. Furthermore, the system can easily detect when new roles are installed making managing security settings and other settings much simpler.

Windows Server 2012

This release includes several key updates and enhancements, such as a simplified licensing structure, enhanced UEFI security features, Resilient File System (ReFS), and Storage Spaces – an innovative virtualization technology allowing you to virtualize storage by pooling multiple physical disks of different sizes into a single volume that Windows recognizes as disk drives.

Security enhancements include classification-aware features like Dynamic Access Control, which enables administrators to assign permissions based on document content or Active Directory attributes. UEFI security takes this a step further by offering Secure Boot which prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities in computer firmware to gain control of computers.

TheServerHost Review – Best India VPS Server Hosting Provider

TheServerHost is one of the premier India VPS server hosting providers. Their variety of features can help your website expand, while their excellent 24/7 customer support team ensures seamless service delivery.

By choosing a host that provides fully managed services, you can save both time and money. These providers will take care in updating software updates as well as overseeing core server management – an especially great asset for small business owners with limited technical staff.


An efficient VPS server hosting provider is key to the uptime of your website. Any interruption can have serious repercussions for its performance and user experience as well as compromise your brand image; to avoid this happening, select a host with a high uptime rate and outstanding technical support.

VPS server hosting options vary significantly, from fully managed to unmanaged servers. When choosing a managed host, they will take care of software updates, memory usage management and computing power administration; monitor for problems on your site; take necessary actions; monitor for updates to keep things running smoothly – ultimately saving both time and money in the long run. This type of service could save both.

India VPS providers go beyond simply providing reliable servers by offering an impressive selection of software and hardware features for their customers, such as web servers, database management systems, content management programs and e-commerce platforms. In addition, these providers also provide hardware and network security features designed to guard against attacks on your website and data loss.

VPS servers are also easily expandable, so as your website grows you can add resources as necessary. This feature is especially beneficial if your visitors increase dramatically; adding resources as your visitors increase will keep the site from becoming overloaded and prevent it from going offline altogether. It is wise to seek a server with multiple datacenter locations; this will ensure your visitors’ proximity is maintained for reduced latency and faster speed.

An important feature to take into account when choosing a VPS server is its operating system. A reliable server will update their OS regularly in order to increase security and prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities – this is particularly essential if your website requires frequent code modifications.

TheServerHost technical support staff are available 24×7 via Skype, telephone and email. Their knowledgeable technicians are there to assist in any problems encountered with VPS servers as well as provide guidance regarding what software and hardware would best fit with your business goals.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth is one of the primary features of VPS server hosting plans, enabling clients to expand their websites without worrying about exceeding monthly bandwidth caps or exceeding any other monthly limitations. As a result, they can increase website traffic and enhance search engine rankings

Dedicated servers offer high-speed internet connectivity and are ideal for websites with heavy traffic volumes. Isolated from other websites, dedicated servers offer more security against hackers and malware while root access enables you to customize operating system and software settings. While dedicated hosting options may cost more, their performance and security surpass that of shared hosting solutions.

India VPS server hosting plans offer another advantage: their scalability. You can adjust how much memory and CPU power your server has, increasing SEO ranking and website speed while improving SEO rankings and speed rankings for search results. In addition, VPS providers often provide tools to assist in optimizing site performance such as website analysis and error repair services.

Advanced Control Panel

TheServerHost offers reliable hosting at an economical price, featuring fast, secure servers with innovative tools like FTP backup to help manage websites more easily and providing excellent 24/7 customer support – essential features if you want to increase uptime and website performance.

India VPS server hosting services can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, but it is crucial that you choose one with high performance for your website if it receives high traffic volumes or visitors. In addition, look for one offering flexible options like upgrading RAM and CPU cores; this will allow your business to scale according to needs.

TheServerHost not only offers VPS server hosting in India, but they also offer other services including an ecommerce solution which enables online stores to operate quickly and securely on fast servers; including shopping carts and payment processing services. They offer free setup as well as exceptional customer support!

A dedicated VPS server can be an excellent option for businesses that need to store and process large volumes of data, helping to increase reliability and speed while simultaneously cutting operating costs. Furthermore, these dedicated servers feature various security features including root access for increased flexibility in installing and maintaining complex software programs.

An ideal VPS server provider will have an impressive uptime rate and exceptional technical support, particularly crucial for ecommerce websites that rely on uptime for revenue and brand image. They should have an infrastructure of power/cooling systems, backup generators and fire suppression equipment – as well as 24/7 monitoring systems which alert them of any problems on the server.

VPS hosting boasts an outstanding uptime rate, meaning your website is available at all times to visitors – this is critical as slow sites lead to frustrated visitors and reduced conversion rates. In addition, TheServerHost offers various tools that can assist with maintaining your site such as free website builder tools and an intuitive web interface – not forgetting our team of experts that can assist with any questions about its service or features you might need!

VPS servers provide additional storage and bandwidth than shared hosting can offer, with high-performance CPUs and abundant RAM allowing it to simultaneously run multiple applications at once. In addition, it comes equipped with a virtualization console that makes managing server processes much simpler.

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