Introducing Football Goal Coin (FGC) – the Novel Blockchain Ecosystem for Football Supporters

Published June 30, 2023

United Kingdom, 30th Jun 2023, King NewsWire

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Football Goal Coin (FGC) represents an extensive ecosystem at the crossroads of a passion for football and blockchain innovation, featuring multiple assets: an innovative cryptocurrency, a native blockchain, an exchange, an escrow, a peer-to-peer lending platform, and a one-of-a-kind/exclusive mining system. To maintain transparency and impartiality in decision-making, the platform will operate as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Football Goal Coin’s ICO will be launched 1st July 2023.

Anticipating the introduction of the FGC ecosystem, the founders declared: “Until now, no other platform has been bold enough to offer the industry such a broad suite of assets as FGC aims to release. As the gold standard in this space, Football Goal Coin is poised to revolutionise how football enthusiasts interact with their favourite sport, offering unprecedented opportunities for investment, trading, and peer-to-peer lending. We’re eager to pioneer this space and establish ourselves as the gold standard for blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms.”

Uncovering the FGC Initial Coin Offering

According to the project founders, the FGC Initial Coin Offering (ICO) presents a lucrative investment opportunity for individuals seeking profitable ventures:

“By investing in FGC, investors can expect a 99.52% higher reward compared to only waiting to mine a coin. Our ICO provides an attractive proposition for investors looking to optimise their returns and maximise their gains.

Having its own blockchain demonstrates that FGC is a legitimate cryptocurrency. This improves the coin’s security, and the entire system will benefit from this independent asset, as we have observed with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Unravelling FGC’s Innovative Mining Protocol

The FGC Democratic Mining System caters to both sports fans and crypto enthusiasts. Through its user-friendly and simple design, anyone can mine using any device connected to the internet, making it accessible to all. Mining participation is carbon-friendly and does not cost anything extra to the user, making it a sustainable option that encourages mass adoption.

Introducing the FGC Cryptocurrency

The Football Goal Coin aims to provide a fast, secure, and efficient way for football fans and crypto investors to engage with their favourite sport while simultaneously investing in a related blockchain-based ecosystem. A FGC is generated every time a professional goal is scored anywhere in the world.  These coins are then distributed among the hosts and miners and can be used in various ways by their proprietors. Owners of FGC can hold, spend, transfer, and download their cryptocurrency and can trade using either the Exchange or Escrow platforms.

Overall, the maximum supply of FGC is 21 million. The newly mined coin distribution is Committee: 4%, Hosts: 48%, and Miners: 48%. FGC uses a unique consensus protocol for its mining process, partly based on accurate data from professional football games to record goals. Users must have a small nominal amount of FGC in their wallet to pay for the mining gas fee.

Exploring the FGC Blockchain Capabilities

FGC operates on its native blockchain, which records and displays FGC cryptocurrency transactions. Although the Bitcoin Blockchain inspired the FGC blockchain, it  has been tailored to the needs of football fans, crypto traders, and investors. Thus, the FGC Blockchain has been optimised for mining and transaction capabilities, making it superior to many other blockchain technologies. The FGC Blockchain deploys premium cryptography to connect blocks, ensuring that transactions are secure and verifiable.

Deploying the FGC Exchange

As an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform, the FGC Exchange offers all the capabilities of current exchanges but with some additional functions not currently available on other platforms. The exchange allows users to trade FGC as well as other leading crypto coins in the market, diversifying their investment portfolio and taking advantage of the potential gains in different cryptocurrencies. Other features include access to advanced trading tools such as real-time trading charts, market data, and order books.

Leveraging the FGC Escrow

To support the financial interactions in this ecosystem, the FGC Escrow shall facilitate transactions, including payments for products and services, without the intervention of a third party. Businesses that wish to engage in direct transactions with their customers or suppliers might find this particularly useful. It also allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with each other without the need for an intermediary.

FGC can be downloaded for those who wish to store their investments off-grid. FGC tokens are generated at a steady rate, and 100,000 nets are equal to one FGC token.

Employing P2P Lending

For investors seeking traditional ways of making money, the FGC Peer-2-Peer Lending Platform enables investors to lend FGC coins to borrowers in exchange for interest payments, thereby creating a new investment opportunity. This lending platform is designed to be accessible to many users, with low fees and minimum loan requirements. It allows borrowers previously excluded from traditional lending platforms to obtain the credit they require to finance their projects and long-term objectives.

Discovering the FGC Franchise

Conversely, the FGC Franchise focuses on expanding the ecosystem and network globally. The FGC Committee offers an off-the-shelf solution to interested businesses. They can apply for a franchise and receive guidance and assistance setting up the FGC Exchange service.

In this pursuit, the FGC Committee is a group of lead developers and project managers tasked with keeping the FGC system’s integrity in line with the FGC Whitepaper, updating the FGC system, and adhering to appropriate legal or regulatory requirements. Once the Football Goal Coin is entirely decentralised, the FGC Committee shall oversee the ecosystem and perform relevant and regular system updates.

Introducing the FGC Team

FGC’s experienced and expert team includes professionals with acquired expertise in financial markets, IT, coding, hardware, digital marketing, and business management. This team guides the evolution of FGC by bringing together a range of skills and knowledge to provide a seamless user experience.

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