Fantom (FTM) and EOS (EOS) Face Market Struggles as Investors Throng Sparklo (SPRK) Presale

Published May 15, 2023

After many cryptocurrencies had a good week, the market ultimately succumbed to a dip. This was as a result of the many troubles plaguing US equity markets. According to reports, the crypto market experienced a 9% drop over the week. Two of the most affected cryptos being Fantom (FTM) and EOS (EOS). This was a sad period for most investors who had invested in these two cryptos. However, this was also a period when investors had the chance to check out other cryptos, including Sparklo, which attracted many investors during its presale stage.

Sparklo (SPRK) to gain by 4,000% by the end of 2023

Sparklo, the first blockchain platform focusing on silver, gold and platinum investment, is on its way to achieving outstanding results. Each investment made through SPRK will be fractionalized as NFTs which investors can use to finance other projects.

These precious metals will be stored in a legally permitted vault which will be highly supervised by experts who fall among the top vault service providers globally. While Sparklo is still in its second presale stage, this great platform will be the groundbreaking project of the year. With SPRK’s token value being just $0.022, SPRK’s second stage is nearing completion and investors are argued to join soon to enjoy better returns of up to 1,500% in the future.

THe platform was auidted by the InterFi Network and its liquidity will be locked by a total of 100 years. Sparklo reliability will be built around its scalability, security and sustainability. This is something that will ensure the platform makes huge waves within the crypto market. Participants are therefore advised to take part while the tokens are still going at a better price.

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Fantom (FTM) drops by almost 21%

Crypto experts insist that Fantom (FTM) still faces a huge commercial challenge. According to CoinGek, Fantom (FTM) saw a decline of almost 21% over the past few months. This resulted from the general crypto market collapse, which reduced the value of many cryptocurrencies and not just Fantom (FTM).

Over the coming days, Fantom (FTM) may continue to drop below the $0.369 price, depending on the market state. This means that the reliance of the cryptocurrency industry in the future may still do more harm to FTM and other coins than good. However, many people still hope that Fantom (FTM) will regain its $0.371 price in the coming months.

EOS (EOS) gets spooked by its dipping nature

EOS (EOS) investors remain spoked by the recent drop within the crypto market as EOS (EOS) prices continued to take a dipping trend over the past weeks. While EOS (EOS) had the potential for better growth, it still struggles to keep up with the momentum by delivering as promised. This is particularly worsened by the newcomers like SPRK, which is giving most of the cryptos a chase for their money.

EOS (EOS) drop has led to different scepticism and uncertainty among its investors, who are looking for other projects that promise better returns. Therefore, EOS (EOS) will have to work out its issues and deliver to its investors as promised.

Checkout Sparklo’s presale links for more information.





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