Exohood Labs unveils groundbreaking developments in AI and quantum computing

Published February 19, 2024

London, 16 February 2024 – Exohood Labs, a research and development nonprofit, is excited to announce significant advancements in the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing through its flagship AI system, Exania. Operating at the cutting edge of technology, Exania employs neural network principles mirroring the human brain’s architecture to drive innovation in a variety of sectors, addressing global challenges such as space exploration, sustainable energy solutions and climate change mitigation.

Exania’s neural network based architecture, inspired by the human brain, offers unparalleled versatility across various research domains. It aids in celestial mapping, monitoring space conditions, and supporting robotic missions for space exploration; optimizes renewable energy sources for the energy sector and processes vast datasets to model climate patterns for climate change mitigation.

Quantum Computing Integration Update

The integration of quantum computing into Exania represents a monumental leap in computational capabilities. This endeavor aims to harness quantum bits (qubits) for nuanced data processing, potentially revolutionizing Exania’s information processing, algorithm analysis, and problem-solving capabilities. This could lead to exponential speed increases, enhanced data handling, and solutions to problems currently beyond classical computing methods.

About Exohood Labs

With over 30 years of cumulative experience, Exohood Labs stands at the forefront of technological innovation, impacting everyday life worldwide. Our global team is dedicated to solving challenges through cross-disciplinary collaboration and the OpenExus program, with expertise spanning AI, quantum computing, blockchain and beyond, aiming to pioneer new industries and ensure lasting societal benefits.

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