Brandon Sarna Discusses the Latest Retail Construction Trends to Watch Out For

Published August 21, 2023

Retail construction has seen some exciting developments worth mentioning. There’s been a huge shift towards sustainable models, and it’s about time. More retailers are thinking about how best to do their bit for the environment. For this, they’re investing in fixtures that are good for the planet and their bottom lines.

Recycled materials and energy-efficient lighting are getting popular. These trends are also great for business. Brandon Sarna, a project manager for Jones Lang Lasalle, says there’s a lot of interest in high-tech. In this case, he’s talking about everything from virtual reality simulations to 3D printing.

So, customers get to enjoy more immersive and personalized shopping experiences. It’s like stepping into the future of shopping, but it’s here and now. Retailers also go for designs that help things flow and still look good. The construction trends show that shop owners understand that a good-looking store is necessary.

That’s why there are more eye-catching window displays and Instagram-worthy interiors. These spaces help attract shoppers and keep them coming back for more. As a project manager, Sarna is glad to see the storeowners moving towards more sustainable and tech-savvy designs. 

Sustainable designs

It’s all about creating buildings and spaces that don’t affect the environment. Eco-friendly materials, optimizing energy efficiency, and reducing waste are what the retailers will be going for. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to add stuff that’s good for the planet.

So, they’re putting up store fixtures and displays using recycled materials. On top of that, some shops come with green roofs and walls too. That way, the air inside is better quality, and the insulation is just right. HVAC systems that use less energy are also popular.

One way to show customers that the business is doing its bit to save the planet is by adding things like LED lighting, smart thermostats, and solar panels. You can take it further by aiming at improved energy management. It’s a lofty goal but achievable. Go for on-site energy storage, renewable energy sources, and energy-efficient design.

Convenience-driven design

If there’s one thing about Sarna, he’s all for convenience-driven designs. And you can’t blame him. Who doesn’t love a store that’s easy to move around? It’s super-important for customers to find what they need without breaking a sweat.

The layout has everything to do with conventional designs. You wouldn’t like to shop in a store where it feels like you need a map just to find the right aisle? Not cool. Thankfully, the latest retail construction trends lay out everything in an easy-to-follow way. No customer has to wander the store aimlessly for hours or ask where to find stuff.

By improving the layout, the merchants respect customers’ time. They’re making the shopping experience as painless as possible. With the easy-to-follow layout done, the next big thing is the checkout process. The last thing any shop owner wants to do is make it old-fashioned.

Nowadays, it’s vital to simplify the process with a bit of tech. Sarna says storeowners should think of self-checkout kiosks, contactless shopping, and mobile payment options.

About Brandon Sarna

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Brandon works for Jones Lang Lasalle, managing a wide selection of projects. Outside of work, he’s a dad and a loving husband. He plays golf and basketball in his spare time.

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