Author Stipe Lozina Unveils the Gripping Relaunch of “Revenge of the Past” Series

Published June 7, 2023

Stipe Lozina, an ambitious and talented author hailing from Croatia, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated relaunch of the “Revenge of the Past” series. This captivating series, now reintroduced with reinvented editions of the previous books, will immerse readers in a realm of fear, mystery, and thrilling discoveries that will leave them breathless and craving for more.

The journey begins with “Dead Man’s Switch”, the introductory book that thrusts readers into a world of psychological terror. As a notorious murderer from the past resurfaces, chaos ensues, and readers follow the relentless Detective William Folley as he unravels the motive and dark secrets behind the chilling plan. Brace yourself for a suspenseful ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Continuing the pulse-pounding saga is “Code Zero”, the second installment in the series. Dive deeper into the gripping narrative as William Folley uncovers the identity of the murderer, setting off a chain of events that will test him and those around him. Prepare for bloody crime scenes, sinister machinations, and a city engulfed in chaos as you experience a heart-stopping journey where nothing is as it seems.

Finally, the epic conclusion of the first story cycle, “Same As It Never Was”, propels readers to the brink of destruction in the city of New York. William Folley finds himself at the center of a race against time to solve the twisted tests that plague the city, while Martha Richards closes in on her tormentor. Witness an explosive climax orchestrated by Louis Smith that will leave you stunned and eager for more.

But the thrills do not end there. Uncover the chilling origins in “He Saved Us”, the prequel that takes you back to a time before the first chapter of the series. Follow Phil Barton as he becomes entangled in a deadly game set by an unknown serial killer, with the fate of the mayor of New York hanging in the balance. Prepare for a gripping tale of suspense and survival that sets the stage for the series.

Additionally, step into the world of “Revenge of the Past: Casefiles” with “A Call For Help”, a thrilling beginning of this subseries. Join Eliah Bronson, a seasoned specialist at Barton Industries, as he and his squad face a series of gruesome crimes hinting at a hidden connection.

Building upon the success of the series, Stipe Lozina is excited to announce the upcoming release of the next chilling installment. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey as we follow Liam Vanara, a young detective, into the depths of personal trauma and unimaginable horror. Guided by cryptic messages, Liam races against time to solve a deranged killer’s deadly plot, uncovering shocking links to his own past.

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