Beverly Mass Tree Care Professionals Discuss Why Homeowners Should Never Attempt to do Large Tree Removal Themselves

Published January 26, 2023

Family-owned and operated Cicoria Tree and Crane Service is a Beverly, Massachusetts company that is well-known for the highly rated tree care services it provides to those in Northeast Boston and the surrounding areas.

One of the tree specialties that they are called upon to do the most often is large tree removal. A tree task that a family member, Mark Cicoria, describes as one of the most dangerous that they do. It’s why he was emphatic in stating that no homeowner should ever attempt to do large tree removal themselves. Cicoria says, “I have been in the tree care business for much of my adult life. As part of that, I have heard some stories about homeowners attempting to take down large trees themselves and the drastic results that happened when that job went wrong. They are stories that make me cringe every time I think of them.”

Cicoria Tree Service stump grinding and removal

The company family member went on to state that taking down a large tree is something that’s always best done by experienced tree removal personnel like those that lead their tree removal crews. He gave several reasons for this including that it all starts with their arborist-led tree removal teams knowing exactly how to rope and cable brace a tree and then cut it in such a way that it falls exactly where they intend it to land. Which is safely away from homes, fences, cars, and especially people. It’s the type of tree-felling knowledge that most homeowners simply do not have. The type of knowledge that is critically important to keep people and property safe when taking on any tree removal project.

The company owner also talked about how most individuals that want to attempt tree removal themselves don’t have the specialized equipment that’s necessary to do it safely. Cicoria Tree and Crane Service has spent many years acquiring the proper saws and sophisticated cable & rope setups that are specially made for use with tree removal tasks. They even have cranes available that will allow them to safely take very large trees down in segments as opposed to trying to fell an entire tree into a tight space. Cicoria also says that given what was discussed above combined with the fact that most professional tree services such as them offer reasonable tree removal prices, there really is no need for any homeowner to attempt this potentially dangerous task themselves. He added that another bonus that customers get when hiring them to do large tree removal is that they have the sophisticated equipment available that’s required to grind away or completely remove stumps. Being fully licensed and insured also gives their customers great peace of mind that they have nothing to worry about during any tree removal project that the company does for them.

Those that have had Cicoria Tree and Crane Service remove large trees often leave them a 5-star review for tree services such as that. Karl Wilson stated, “We have worked with Mark Cicoria and his associates for close to 20 years now and have always been happy with their excellent work and responsiveness. From pruning to large tree removal, no job is too big or small for them. We recommend them highly!” Marc Johnson wrote, “Cicoria did a fantastic job removing a very large dead maple tree that was close to our house. They communicated the schedule very well, arrived like supermen flying in on the crane, securely chained the tree in segments, and then cut & removed those sections in an hour. Later in the day, we went over to inspect where the crane & cutting operation had been staged and we couldn't even find any sawdust indicating where the tree was cut up. Phenomenal job - Thank you! Kurt Frampton proclaimed, “The Cicoria Team removed a 100' White Pine that I was concerned about falling onto my home. The tree crew and crane operator were professional and amazing. No sign of them even being there, except for the missing hazard. Thanks!” This is yet another five star Google review of Cicoria’s tree removal prowess that can be found on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing.

More on Cicoria Tree and Crane Service’s tree removal and other professional tree care services can be read about on the company website.


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