baseline: A Free, Revolutionary Journaling and Mood Tracking App for Mental Health

Published January 27, 2023
baseline is a free, non-profit journaling and mood-tracking app designed to help people understand their brains and improve their mental health. It offers easy-to-use journaling, visualizations, and interventions to help users track and improve their mental health.

baseline is a cutting-edge journaling and mood-tracking platform designed to help people understand their brains and improve their mental health. Developed by a non-profit, baseline is completely free to use and offers a range of innovative features that can help people achieve better mental well-being.

One of the most notable features of baseline is its simple and fast journaling capabilities. Journaling has long been recognized as an effective tool for improving mental health but making it a consistent habit can be difficult. baseline's design eliminates distractions with simple, helpful prompts, enabling users to journal easily without feeling overwhelmed.

In addition to journaling, baseline offers a wide range of visualizations and charts that can help people understand how their mental health changes over time. These graphs incentivize users to log their moods consistently and help them identify patterns and trends in their mental health. This can be especially useful for people trying to manage a specific condition, such as anxiety or depression, or those who want to understand how different factors, such as stress or sleep, impact their mental health. 

Another useful feature of baseline is its ability to provide interventions at or even before mental health crises. It can be challenging to remember that resources and help are available during a crisis. Once users are used to putting those feelings into baseline, they can be immediately directed to resources that match their needs. Additionally, baseline uses science-backed questionnaires to identify people in need and direct them to external resources that can help. These features can be especially beneficial for people who are in crisis and may not know where to turn for help.

baseline also recognizes that good mental health is often built on living a happy, healthy life. The app's "baseline" metric measures a user's "average" mood over time. If someone sees their "baseline" falling, they are encouraged to bring more activities into their life that they typically associate with higher mood scores. This feature is especially useful for people trying to understand how their mental health is changing over the long term. It's easy for a person to develop a significantly worse average mood over time but not notice because it becomes their "new normal." The "baseline" metric aims to capture this and display it for the user to understand.

Another unique aspect of baseline is its Gap Fund, which provides financial assistance to users who might be struggling with their mental health due to economic issues. As a mental health non-profit, baseline recognizes that not every mental health issue can be treated with therapy or medication and that it's difficult for a person to focus on mental health when they struggle to get food on the table or balance multiple jobs.

In summary, baseline is a journaling and mood-tracking platform that offers a range of innovative features that can help people achieve better mental well-being. With its simple, user-friendly interface, baseline makes it easy to capture thoughts and feelings while also providing users with insight into their mental health over time. Additionally, baseline's interventions during mental health crises and Gap Fund are unique and important aspects of this app, making it a one-of-a-kind solution for those looking to improve their mental health.

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