Balancing Physical and Emotional Well-Being: The Practice of the Plastic Surgeon, Yily De Los Santos

Published February 8, 2023

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - 02-08-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

The Dominican plastic surgeon finds the balance between physical change and emotional well-being

Plastic surgery aims to enhance a person's body for several reasons, including an accident, illness, or cosmetic change. 

Although it is an aesthetic and physical modification, this is not the thought of Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

The Dominican plastic surgeon seeks a balance between body and mind in her operations.

‘For me, my patients’ physical changes are equally as significant as their emotional well-being. There must be a connection between the two for the operation to make sense,’ confesses Yily De Los Santos. 

The plastic surgeon seeks that balance in all phases of her medical practice: preoperative, operative, and postoperative. 

Professional experience of a plastic surgeon, Yily De Los Santos

Dr. Yily De Los Santos is a plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgeon. 

Yily De Los Santos has 19 years of experience in general surgery and 12 in plastic surgery

Currently, she runs a private practice, in Santo Domingo, attended by many professionals, such as plastic surgeons, nurses, assistants, etc. 

Patients from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Latin America come to the clinic. 

She is a member of many international plastic surgery associations and has been a keynote speaker at conferences in the sector. 

She is currently working on establishing the Medicci Surgical Foundation

‘I enjoy philanthropy by aiding more people through my foundation,’ Dr. Yily De Los Santos says. 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Yily De Los Santos's mission in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Yily De Los Santos' mission is to rescue the concealed beauty of the body and mind

‘We are artists passionate about our masterpieces exalting the beauty of their being, silhouette, and harmony,’ explains Yily De Los Santos. 

Our job is to remove the marks that bad habits, illnesses, or accidents have left on the skin, face, or body. 

‘Yily Plástica combines physical liberation with emotional and mental empowerment, resulting in beautiful women on the outside and valuable women on the inside,’ explains Dr. Yily De Los Santos. 

The plastic surgeon provides a more comprehensive service than surgery, which deepens patients’ emotions

The initial personal approach

Dr. Yily De Los Santos's first step is to meet her patients in person and possibly make a video call before the appointment.

The plastic surgeon needs to know the reasons for the physical changes and whether the patient is emotionally prepared. 

‘I focus a lot on people and try to make them feel good about themselves, attempting to persuade them to reject the beauty standards with which they attend the clinic,’ explains Yily De Los Santos.  

80% to 90% of people have expectations at odds with their physical reality. 

This phase is critical before the operation because patients are about to undergo irreversible surgery.

‘Plastic surgery is not simple and requires 100% awareness because changing our appearance is a transcendental decision,’ says Dr. Yily De Los Santos.

There are two to three hours of surgery between the initial personal approach and the outcome


The medical practice of plastic surgeon Yily De Los Santos is linked to her SHOT philosophy.

‘It is caring for patients so they can live a SHOT transformation experience: security, honesty, opportunity, and transparency,’ says Dr. Yily De Los Santos. 

Yily De Los Santos’s plastic surgery outcomes

Dr. Yily De Los Santos reveals a beautiful person outside and safe inside at every operation. 

She sees a patient with values, self-esteem, and health and a woman aware of her dignity and femininity. 

‘A masterpiece who feels safe, sensual, admired and respected, cheerful and serene,’ says Yily De Los Santos. 

In the postoperative period, which may last about three months, she makes her patients aware of their mental strength and commitment to this operation. 

‘They also must do their part to see the change they desire. They must take care and have a correct diet accompanied by exercise,’ explains Dr. Yily De Los Santos. 

The plastic surgeon is a reference in the physical and mental balance within the medical practices, assuming responsibility in which your patient feels complete. 

Yily De Los Santos' vision is to raise the knowledge and empowerment of women through plastic surgery as an ambassador of the country brand. 

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