Best Ways to Grow Super According to Delta Financial Group

Published May 2, 2023

Growing one's superannuation is a crucial aspect of financial planning for Australians. Superannuation is essentially a way of saving money for retirement, and the more Australians accumulate, the better off they will be in their golden years. With that in mind, Delta Financial Group shares some strategies Australians can use to grow their super.

Back to basics

One of the simplest ways to grow one's super is to make regular contributions. This can be done through salary sacrificing or making voluntary contributions. By doing so, individuals can take advantage of the tax benefits that come with superannuation. For instance, contributions made before tax are only taxed at 15%, compared to the marginal tax rates that apply to normal income. As such, making contributions to super can be a smart way to reduce one's overall tax bill while simultaneously growing their retirement savings.

Being smart with investment options

Another strategy to help Australians grow their super is choosing the right investment options. Most superannuation funds offer various choices, such as high-growth, balanced, and conservative. By selecting the right investment option, individuals can potentially earn higher returns over the long term, which can have a significant impact on their super balance.

Consolidating super accounts

It's also worth noting that consolidating multiple super accounts into one can be a savvy move. This helps reduce fees, which can eat away at the super balance over time. According to recent statistics, there are currently 23.2 million superannuation accounts in Australia, which means many individuals may have multiple accounts without even realising it. Consolidating accounts can be done through the MyGov website, which allows individuals to see all their super funds in one place and initiate a transfer.

Take advantage of the government's aide

Finally, Australians can also take advantage of the government co-contribution scheme. Under this approach, eligible individuals who make voluntary after-tax contributions to their super can receive a matching contribution from the government of up to $500. This can be a great way to boost one's super balance, particularly for low to middle-income earners.

Delta Financial Group for expert advice on super

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Growing one's super is an integral part of financial planning for Australians. By making regular contributions, choosing the right investment options, consolidating multiple accounts, and taking advantage of government schemes, individuals can work on boosting their retirement savings and securing their financial future.

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