ARISE Offers its Program "You Bet I am Listening" for Schools to Help Deal with the Increase in Mental Health Issues in Children and Teens

Published March 9, 2023
With the invention of cell phones and the internet, sitting in front of another person and engaging in meaningful dialogue is becoming an extinct art form. 85% of what we know, we learn from listening. Listening is not easy, but it can be learned. Listening has many attributes. It gathers information, builds strong relationships, and helps solve problems.

Mar. 9, 2023 / PRZen / JUPITER, Fla. -- Schools and community-based organizations need to increase the types of mental well-being services they provide to at-risk youth, yet many do not have the funds for professional counselors and therapists.

ARISE Foundation is a non-profit Educational Foundation established in 1986. The Foundation develops life skills programs for at-risk youth and is offering "You Bet I'm Listening" program to train school personnel, volunteers, parents to learn the skills of active listening. Many of the mental health issues facing youth can be reduced if the youth had a person who they can communicate with who will just listen to them without judgement.

According to the CDC, 36.7% of teens ages 12-17 have persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

Practicing the following three steps will help in communicating with youth:
  1. Being able to be emotionally open to the conversation and devote complete attention to what the other person is saying.
  2. Giving undivided attention to the speaker.
  3. Absorb the information and respond after comprehending what is being said. Repeat the information to make sure that was what was said. Repeating what the person said shows interest.

View the ARISE "You Bet I am Listening" (You Bet I'm Listening ( which is an important part of the proven life skills programs ARISE has developed.

ARISE Foundation is a non-profit education organization established in 1986 that develops life skills curriculum and staff training for those working with at-risk youth.

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