Analysts expect Meta Masters Guild to Keep Growing in 2023 After Official Launch

Published March 4, 2023

Little gets crypto investors more animated than a successful presale event. The recent sell-out of Meta Masters Guild’s presale is no different, with crypto forums awash with excitement about this new play-to-earn mobile gaming platform as it listed on the centralized exchange and decentralized exchange Uniswap on 1st March 2023.

Analysts expect the momentum gained during the presale, which raised $4.97 million before it ended on February 17th, will continue to grow now that the native MEMAG token has officially been launched.

Meta Masters Guild aiming for the front of the play-to-earn gaming grid

Mobile games account for 58% of app store profits, with 7.3% year-on-year increased profitability compared to traditional console and PC gaming. This signifies a massive opportunity for the growing blockchain gaming sector to exploit. Meta Masters Guild has quickly planted itself at the center of the revolution by offering gaming fans a rich play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience on mobile devices.

Meta Masters Guild has already built a partnership with its first gaming studio, Gamearound, which has the racing game Meta Kart Racers in advanced development, while a second title, Meta Masters World, is in the concept stage with Gamearound. This partnership with a studio that comes fresh from building games for the online fashion retail giant Boohoo shows that Meta Masters Guild is deadly serious about launching the mobile GameFi sector into orbit.

A third game, Raid NFT, is also in the concept phase with a second gaming studio.

Gamers will soon be able to access Meta Kart via one of its two playing options, free-to-play and P2E, with arcade and PVP modes available. Players select the driver, kart, and racetrack of their choice and compete to earn crypto rewards, paid in the native MEMAG coin and gems. These rewards can be exchanged in the Mega Masters Guild Store to buy new karts and characters or upgrade existing ones.

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What is Meta Masters Guild?

Most crypto gaming titles rely on a single title or repetitive gameplay experience to attract users to gain rewards. Meta Masters Guild is a brand-new offering in this space that focuses on building a multi-game platform that offers players a diverse and richly compelling gameplay experience that engages existing users and seeks to create a growing user base with the regular release of exciting new titles.

In addition, accessibility is at the forefront of the Meta Masters Guild platform as it seeks to bring crypto gaming to the masses through mobile-friendly games. Several blockchain gaming platforms require users to be logged into their PCs or use VR technology to access their wares. By focusing on mobile P2E gaming, Meta Masters Guild aims to attract a whole new audience to the exciting world of GameFi, which can be enjoyed wherever they are.

How does MEMAG work?

Meta Masters Guild aims to build one of Web3’s most sustainable P2E gaming communities through their native MEMAG coin, which fuels the platform’s entire ecosystem.

MEMAG is the currency of exchange on the platform, being used for all transactions from buying and trading within the Mega Masters Guild Store to providing access to the library of games. In addition, all crypto rewards gamers earn as they play and progress through different levels of games will be paid in MEMAG coins.

The coin will also provide the stimulus for Meta Masters Guild as it continues to build strategic partnerships with leading mobile gaming studios and independent game developers to not only bring the best, most addictive, and exciting new P2E games to the platform but provide its community with a genuinely decentralized gaming experience.

Is MEMAG a good investment?

The seven stages of the MEMAG presale sold out in their entirety, achieving the platform’s aim of raising $4.97 million. The price of a MEMAG coin at the end of the presale was $0.023, which meant that investors who purchased their holding during the first round generated an astronomical 228% return on their initial outlay.

Analysts believe that with the GameFi industry set to grow at breakneck speed in the next five years and Meta Masters Guild making an early entry into the Web3 mobile gaming niche, enormous rewards could be gained for the shrewd, bullish investor in the coming months and years.

The coin’s current 0.010176 $  price shows significant headroom for growth as word spreads about this potential market leader, and the buzz that began during the presale continues to grow now that the token is available on exchanges.

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