Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Attend "Bill and Dr. Bob" Play in Los Angeles

Published April 19, 2023

Anaheim, California - Anaheim Lighthouse, a leading addiction treatment center in Orange County, gathered members of its Alumni Program to witness the play "Bill and Dr. Bob" at Theatre 68 in Los Angeles on March 18th, 2023. The play, written by Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey, celebrates the remarkable story of Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, revered by millions as the pioneers of Alcoholics Anonymous, and their quest for sobriety.

As part of the Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Program, this group outing signifies the organization's continued commitment to the noble cause of promoting and providing a supportive and compassionate platform for its members. The program aims to facilitate participation in social and recreational activities that enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing while promoting camaraderie among members.

Sara Alba, alumni coordinator of the program said, "The Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Association recognizes the value of community involvement and support in the journey towards lifelong sobriety and wellbeing. Through organizing such events, we aim to create opportunities for our alumni to socialize and pursue new experiences while celebrating their enduring sobriety and their healing journey."

This play, along with other events, is an example of the Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Association's efforts towards creating a warm and welcoming environment that supports and encourages ongoing sobriety and personal growth. And for many Anaheim Lighthouse alumni, the play offers a chance to reconnect with their shared experience of addiction and recovery. It also provides an opportunity to celebrate the dedicated pursuit of helping fellow members in achieving sobriety.

Tara H., a member of the Anaheim Lighthouse Alumni Program said that seeing 'Bill and Dr. Bob' with other members of the Anaheim Lighthouse community was a heartfelt reminder of the power of shared experiences towards recovery. "This play showed us that no matter how difficult life gets, the will to live a sober life is a choice, and we have the power to change it," said Tara.

Tyler S., another member who attended the event said, "I was excited to see 'Bill and Dr. Bob' because it's a reminder of how far I've come and how much I've accomplished since starting my journey in recovery. It's also a chance to celebrate the resilience and strength of the human spirit."


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