Woodstock, GA Homeowner's Insurance Policies With Liability Coverage Announced

Published February 12, 2024

A recent Forbes Advisory survey revealed that 72% of homeowners do not understand essential home insurance coverage. With its announcement, White Oak Insurance Services seeks to address this knowledge gap, offering a personalized approach to help clients choose a policy that matches their unique situation and budget.

More information is available at the Woodstock Homeowner's Insurance Agency's website.

The Woodstock agency now offers an extensive selection of policies and customization options from 20 leading insurance companies. The most common type of homeowner's insurance, HO-3, covers the structure of the house, belongings, liability, additional living expenses, and medical expenses, however, White Oak Insurance Services emphasizes the importance of choosing coverage that is suitable for the client's specific property type, lifestyle, and financial situation.

"Every homeowner is unique, and cookie-cutter solutions don't work when it comes to protecting your home and family," says a representative for the agency. "We take the time to understand your lifestyle, evaluate the risks associated with your property, and recommend coverage options that address your concerns comprehensively."

For example, some homeowners may want to include additional structures in their policy, or increase personal property coverage, the company explains. As different insurance companies use different formulas to determine the premium, insurance contracts may be confusing for clients, and it may be difficult for them to determine the most cost-efficient policy. The agents at White Oak Insurance Services take the time to review all suitable options and ensure the client understands the differences in coverages and limits.

"We were with our previous carrier for over 10 years and Mark saved us 20% while improving our coverage on both our auto and home," said a satisfied client. "It was a seamless transition with White Oak handling everything. We could not be happier with not only the savings but the quality service."

About White Oak Insurance Services

With offices in Woodstock and Warner Robbins, White Oak Insurance Services has been serving clients in Georgia since 1985. In addition to homeowner's insurance, the agency offers auto and motorcycle policies, life insurance, and several types of business insurance.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://maps.app.goo.gl/Zz4tLXScC4r1RvX27

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